Natural Boundaries of Maternal Authority



The Ancient Greeks & Ancient Christians has an intimate understanding of human psychology.  From their perspective there were 3 types of Authority:

The Authority of Reason (The Father)

The Authority of Mercy/Charity (the Mother)

Coercive Authority (Physical Punishment or Action)

When the Bible says that the woman is the complement of the Man they are actually referring to Complementary and Supplementary angles of what would become the Pythagorean Theorem. 


The Age of Accountability

Because of their understanding of the Female Psyche and feminine instinct, they placed certain strictures on Feminine Authority.  The Ancient Christians referred to this as “The age of Accountability”.  What it meant was that Feminine Authority is only valid in relationship to the children and at a certain point that Authority should cease to exist for the Good of Society.  When a child is born it is incapable of following the Laws of Society or even understanding…

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