Chief autopsy doctor in Aleppo: “ISIS, Al-Nusra, rebel groups all responsible for civilian deaths in Syria” ~ [Report, Video]

the real Syrian Free Press

doc-zaherAleppo’s chief autopsy Doctor Zaher Hajjo

(RT, 7/9/2016) ~ Syria’s civil war continues to claim the lives of innocent civilians, but the deaths aren’t only happening in areas seized by Islamic State. Rebel-shelled eastern Aleppo is also clocking up high numbers of fatalities, a chief autopsy doctor told RT.

The Aleppo office of Dr. Zaher Hajjo is filled with bodies of those who didn’t make it – many of whom are civilian women, children, and men whose lives were lost to the country’s bloody conflict, now in its fifth year.

RT’s Lizzie Phelan traveled to Aleppo to speak to Hajjo, and saw bodies arrive firsthand.

doc-zaher-vid-529Click here or on the image for Video on PeriscopeTV

“Today we received nine bodies, civilians that have been killed by shelling by armed groups. Four of them were women, three kids and two men. Six of them were just injured and killed today, and…

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