The Importance of the Counter Assertion.



Atheists and Liberals are probably the worst at abusing the Counter Assertion.  When a person makes a statement, in order for the Debate to be Rational, the Counter Assertion must be Specific, Clear, & Falsifiable or else it is invalid.  If the Antagonist doesn’t satisfy those terms don’t participate with the Premise that they are being Rational. 

I Disagree

I disagree isn’t a valid argument.  It doesn’t approach the Bar of Reason.  The person is basically betting that you are wrong.  What most Atheist or Liberal trolls will then do, if you stay in the conversation, is they will use the Moving the Goalposts Fallacy with themselves as the Goal.  Dangling the possibility of their agreement with you, in front of you, they will try to get you to jump through hoop after hoop in an attempt to prove it to them. This form of Strategic Communication is used by people…

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