Idiots Guide To My People

If you haven’t had a major riot er protest in your city and you’re feeling left out this How To is for you. Revealing this is taboo like revealing a magicians secrets but it’s necessary. This guide will show you how to start a racially charged protest with the help of a well financed organization with members concentrated in urban cities. Names will be changed to protect the liars. Now, if you’re of the Caucasian persuasion I need you to pretend you’re not from this point forward. Today you’re black. You belong to a controversial organization called Black Behavior Matters. It was founded by myself. My name is Jovontae Machiavelli, president and CEO of BBM. Now, you need a more urban name yourself. I’m going to call you Jobreezy Hussler, Breezy for short. You’re my lieutenant who when a situation occurs I send you to organize the…

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