Unconditional Love Fallacy



Let’s start with a simple metaphor.  Sugar (Monosaccharides) are the simplest form of organic energy but unfortunately this carbohydrate feeds disease, decay, cancer, and blood born pathogens more readily than it invests in the Health & Longevity of the Person without the ability to deny themselves instant gratification. 

Likewise, the Fruity Spiritualists and Corrupt Feminine Authority will use the excuse that they are loving all unconditionally in order to excuse their aiding and abetting of Conscious Evil in the World.  The same principle applies to the Tragedy of the Commons.  When people have Equal access to a Resource the Consciously Evil people will avail themselves of it more readily because that is the Nature of Evil.  Evil doesn’t just want to sustain itself it wants to destroy the Good which is a threat to its Totalitarian Authority.  It is the corrupt Feminine Authority that excuses her lack of Discernment and…

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