The Toxic Mother & the Psychopath


alien1 “The Disease is in Relationship with itself through People.” Shivastus Solomonicus 

The Toxic Mother figure doesn’t recognize the Authority of Reason, she is only interested in increasing and expanding her personal Authority and she is only positive in relationship with those that participate with her Authority.  The Truth of what a psychopath says is based on the reaction that it is calculated to elicit.  The Psychopath conceals their real self and intention and reveals themselves strategically.  They have to lie about their intention and act like they aren’t doing exactly what they are doing but the “Sum of their Actions” have to take them in the direction of executing their will. 

Why do I say that the Psychopathic brain is the female brain?  When a child is born it is completely dependent on its mother.  From the mother’s perspective the child is in a way her property or an extension of…

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