Satan & Ego Consciousness

LIFE is the Vehicle of Experience in which we can choose to move towards one end of the spectrum or the other, towards Lightness or towards Darkness and Physicality, Levity or Gravity. LIFE has Consequences and exists within the realm of IDEA. As such all of our LIFE experience is under the Authority of Satan or the Dragon with 7 heads & 10 horns, which is to say that each of the 7 Spheres have one head of the Dragon in it & the Dragon has 10 Horns or Crowns symbolizing the Authority of the Supernal Triad but only extending to the 7 spheres of Physical Existence or LIFE. So, Satan is MAYA of the Buddhist System the God of Delusion put there to Test us.



As I stated before, from the Greek & Early Christian perspective, there were 3 types of Authority:

The Authority of Reason

The Authority of Mercy, Charity, & Forgiveness


The Authority of Physical Violence or Action

From my personal meditations, communion with Yeshivel, I was taught that Keither should be conceived of as the Diamond Light.  Tzim Tzum would have been like an internal shattering inside of the Diamond Light like Inclusions in a Gem.  Chokmah would be the white light shining through the diamond and as it hits the inclusions it would be refracted in a myriad of different directions.  This Radiance would eventually create a spectrum like a Rainbow.  The Rainbow would be Reflected in the 7 Sephiroth below the Supernal Triad which represents: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.  The 7 Spheres below the Holy Trinity which represents the world of IDEA,  represent Physical Manifestation, or what we think…

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