Where do Human Rights come from?


augureChristopher Hitchens in his book Rights of Man falsifies himself in a way.  The book is about the contribution of one Thomas Payne to the American Revolution & French Revolution and his transition from Atheist to Deist.  Payne blamed Atheism for the violence of the French Revolution that almost got him killed and as he helped foment the American Revolution he wanted it to be guided by the God of Reason. 

“If God didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent him.” ~Voltaire

I propose a Challenge for Atheists, make a positive, falsifiable, specific, assertion supported with Reason and Evidence as to why human beings should have Inalienable Rights.  And before you attempt to suggest that humans possess Innate Morality please explain the existence of that morality without the exertion of a moralizing force upon ourselves in the form of Religion.  Please remember that Homo Naledi carried the bodies of their dead…

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