Communication & Understanding



Shared State Law of Communication

  1. Communication

  2. Understanding

  3. Agreement

  4. Participation

Relationship is an approaching, and how we communicate is how we approach Relationship.  Our Actions and our Words are informed by our Thoughts, and our Gestalt or Worldview (Soul) informs that.  Why does communication Exist?  How does communication create Value?  The Reasonable Man uses Socratic Dialogue, Hegelian Dialectic, & Grice’s Maxims.  When a person deviates from Rational Dialogue it creates an Implicature which leaks clues not only to their World View but how they are in Relationship with the world and with Relationship itself. 

If a person is Communicating but not to be Understood, that isn’t Rational.  That is a corruption of Communication.  The person doing so wants the benefits of Relationship but they aren’t open to an Equal or Honest Relationship.  Why would a person want to be in Relationship but not be Known, as they are, in their suchness?  Is the person…

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