Authority as God & Slavery



In ancient Rome, Auctoritas referred to the general level of prestige a person had in Roman society, and, as a consequence, his clout, influence, and ability to rally support around his will. Auctoritas was not merely political, however; it had a numinous content and symbolized the mysterious “power of command” of heroic Roman figures.

28When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, 29because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law (Torah, the Persian/Babylonian Religious Leaders, Pharisees).  Matthew 7:

What is Authority?  It is your ability to Persuade with Reason.  But this Authority only works on people that Recognize the Authority of Reason, it doesn’t work on people that only Recognize their own Authority (Psychopaths & Tyrants) or those that only Recognize the Authority of Physical Violence.  This is what separated the Sheep from…

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Open Letter to Igor Wagner

Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi

I consider him a personal friend which is the only reason I am disclosing this information to him.  The specific combat video he requested is not available and though I might know where it is and what it is I refuse to make it public at this time.

Sometimes I just hate myself and I don’t want to tell everybody what I know.  I met David Carridine right before he died.  He came into Whole Foods (WoodlandHills) and he kept repeating to me over & over.

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Liberal Logic Exposed.

Thought Uncommon


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Richard Goodstein was on the O’reilly Factor tonight and was defending Hillary Clinton.  The first thing he said was an equivocation based on a fundamental attribution error which is characterizing Trump as a Liar when, in spite of people constantly asserting that he is a liar he has been vindicated after every accusation and no proof has been presented proving that he lied, or attempted to mislead intentionally.  When he misspeaks because he doesn’t use a teleprompter they say that he lied.  When he uses the wrong nomenclature or he is vague or non specific they insist that he lied.

Eric Bolling held his feet to the fire and didn’t let him excuse bad behavior with assumed bad behavior and his red herring.  Goodstein proceeds with the second strategy B saying that people don’t watch Arabic TV so they don’t know whether it is true or not.   This…

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Jessica Drake Ploy Backfires.


Jessica Drake speaks to reporters about allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump, alongside lawyer Gloria Allred during a news conference in Los Angeles,

LOL, Wait, What just happened?  She is a Porn Star with a Hillary Clinton Minnie Me trying to act like she has been victimized by Donald Trump because he offered her a lot of money in order to have sex with her??? And she put on glasses in order to look smarter than she is.

I swear to God I saw her wearing a Gold Necklace with Allah’s name in Arabic but every time I tried to rewind my Megyn Kelley show it refused to show me her Muslim Necklace.  What that tells me is that she is being played by Muslim Hillary Clinton supporters that are willing to pay her a lot more than any of us could ever pay her because just like ObamaCare she is a Secret Tax for Stupid People that are willing and able to pay enough money in order to be able to afford her, Disgusting, Over-Used, Moslem Sewer of a…

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