The Toxic Mother & the Psychopath


alien1 “The Disease is in Relationship with itself through People.” Shivastus Solomonicus 

The Toxic Mother figure doesn’t recognize the Authority of Reason, she is only interested in increasing and expanding her personal Authority and she is only positive in relationship with those that participate with her Authority.  The Truth of what a psychopath says is based on the reaction that it is calculated to elicit.  The Psychopath conceals their real self and intention and reveals themselves strategically.  They have to lie about their intention and act like they aren’t doing exactly what they are doing but the “Sum of their Actions” have to take them in the direction of executing their will. 

Why do I say that the Psychopathic brain is the female brain?  When a child is born it is completely dependent on its mother.  From the mother’s perspective the child is in a way her property or an extension of…

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We are not Irredeemable

I don’t believe that I am irredeemable.  I do not believe that you  are irredeemable.  I do not believe that America is irredeemable. I do believe that Judeo-Christianity  & maybe even Hinduism, maybe Taoisn, has the power to absolve us of our sins and welcome us into the tent of the God of Reason because WE are Hunter Gatherers & the Future that we want to live in is a moving target & WE must be,  like a disenfatuated child, that realises that the only window to Survival is the path laid down by the God of Reason. Humans used to be able to move about freely based on a meritocracy of Reason & Results, now we are crushed under the foot of a Bohemian Mammoth that worships the Gods Mammon & Beelzebub.

Unconditional Love, is not Love.



In Ancient Greek, the Language of Logic, there were many words for “Love”.  Agape, allegedly: “the highest form of love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God” and I must say that I disagree with that concept.  Eros, or Erotic Love. Storge, Familial love and the natural desire to see one’s family survive and succeed. But the word that I most readily identify with, because it ensures the survival of all of the others that I care about is, Philia, Brotherly or Philosophical love.  I am talking about a Mutual Love of the Goddess of Wisdom and a Natural Worship of the God of Reason.  (Click here to read more on the subject)

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Unconditional Love Fallacy



Let’s start with a simple metaphor.  Sugar (Monosaccharides) are the simplest form of organic energy but unfortunately this carbohydrate feeds disease, decay, cancer, and blood born pathogens more readily than it invests in the Health & Longevity of the Person without the ability to deny themselves instant gratification. 

Likewise, the Fruity Spiritualists and Corrupt Feminine Authority will use the excuse that they are loving all unconditionally in order to excuse their aiding and abetting of Conscious Evil in the World.  The same principle applies to the Tragedy of the Commons.  When people have Equal access to a Resource the Consciously Evil people will avail themselves of it more readily because that is the Nature of Evil.  Evil doesn’t just want to sustain itself it wants to destroy the Good which is a threat to its Totalitarian Authority.  It is the corrupt Feminine Authority that excuses her lack of Discernment and…

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Origins of the True Religion

Thought Uncommon


Lynn: So you have this concept of the true religion and its movement through time and across continents.  Could you tell us something about that?

Joxua: Well, one of the many things that I do is philology which traces the movement of ideas from culture to culture.  My particular mind has an obscene ability of pattern recognition and I have digested a ton of general and specific occult philosophy.

What we think of as the true religion started in India and Tibet with the convergence of northern tribes with the Indian people who were previously a goddess worshiping society with a single deity.  With the invasion of the northern tribes the entire pantheon of Indian gods emerged with these meat eating, war mongering northern tribes came creative intelligence, they were smarter than average because of the extra protein.  They were exiled over time because of the ritual eating of meat which to this day is…

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