The Mind, Time, & Pain.



Let’s go on a little Thought Experiment.  If time was created during the Big Bang that means that time is Artificial, it means there was a Time Before Time.  What existed before Time?  NO TIME. Timelessness. The Absence of the Presence of Time.

Before, Time and the Universe were created there was a Singularity, what Aristotle referred to as the Prime Mover Unmoved and what the Hindu Philosophers referred to as Atma (Soul).  Without the existence of Time movement would have been impossible.  In the same way, God didn’t move and doesn’t move in the World.  This is why people sit in meditation making themselves like God in order to understand God.  Anything that moves is not God because movement is a negation of God self.  So before time we have God as 1 and after Time we have God as the Pleroma, Infinite Expression, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. 

Since, God…

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One thought on “The Mind, Time, & Pain.”

  1. Time is always in our mind no matter how you choose to spend it, it always catches up and reaps its immortal existence

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