Dave Chappelle: Secret Society Wars VIIII



Don’t you think it is strange that Dave Chappelle mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth in 2005 and only reappears right now, at the end of Barack Obama’s term in office?  Remember if you will the last 8 years of Comedy Central’s history, Jon Stewart had to leave the show because he wasn’t being biased enough in favor of the Obama Propaganda Agenda, Larry Wilmore performs after the President and then gets fired for low ratings, Amy Schumer attacks Donald Trump at a show and has hundreds of audience members walk out on her unfunny, bloated, ass, Key and Peele meet with Barack Obama several times and they all have some gay ass sex together, Daniel Tosh makes himself look like a fool in his pre-election episode by conflating all Trump voters with the stupidest Trump voters and predicting that Donald Trump will not get elected.  They used…

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The Mind, Time, & Pain.



Let’s go on a little Thought Experiment.  If time was created during the Big Bang that means that time is Artificial, it means there was a Time Before Time.  What existed before Time?  NO TIME. Timelessness. The Absence of the Presence of Time.

Before, Time and the Universe were created there was a Singularity, what Aristotle referred to as the Prime Mover Unmoved and what the Hindu Philosophers referred to as Atma (Soul).  Without the existence of Time movement would have been impossible.  In the same way, God didn’t move and doesn’t move in the World.  This is why people sit in meditation making themselves like God in order to understand God.  Anything that moves is not God because movement is a negation of God self.  So before time we have God as 1 and after Time we have God as the Pleroma, Infinite Expression, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. 

Since, God…

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