Defining Reason



I have debated many College Professors and Philosophers.  One of the things I find Irksome is when they insist that all things are Rational.  This is not true. Too many philosophers use their knowledge of philosophy to becloud the minds of others instead of clarifying the subject.

Definition of sophistic

  1. 1:  of or relating to sophists, sophistry, or the ancient Sophists <sophistic rhetoric><sophistic subtleties>

  2. 2:  plausible but fallacious <sophistic reasoning>

    Definition of sophist

    1. 1:philosopher

    2. 2capitalized:  any of a class of ancient Greek teachers of rhetoric, philosophy, and the art of successful living prominent about the middle of the fifth century b.c. for their adroit subtle and allegedly often specious reasoning

    3. 3:  a captious or fallacious reasoned

This isn’t Reasoning it is Rationalizing, making something that isn’t reasonable appear reasonable.  The Argument that they are making…

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