Obama’s New Religion

Shivastus Solomonicus

time-warsGreetings students of the Mysteries, this is Noah Socrates speaking to you from the Akashic Library.  Boy, do I have some exciting news to tell you.  A few days ago, which is a figure of speech because time doesn’t exist here, but out of the Blue there he was Heptakis Triskadeka a member of the ZED civilization born 2,000 years after the death of our Guru Shivastus Solomonicus.  “How can you be here,” I queried, “It is impossible. Only Shivastus entered here on his own power and I couldn’t be here without his help.”  He responded that he wasn’t physically present but he had projected in his astral body because his meditation and research had brought him to look for the answer to a question.  Here is the story:

I, Noah Socrates, was willing to help my philosophical brother Heptakis with all of my research prowess.  One of the Secrets…

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