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In my system I have reappropriated the terms Psychopath and Sociopath in order to make them more clear.  If I may quote myself, “all narrative is doxography.”  all thought and speech is essentially narrative, and that narrative is strung together by a character or a story that the person is creating,  I feel that psychopaths and sociopaths have two completely different mind sets, which I will get into later, right now I would like to explain why I changed things around.

Trained psychologists have trouble distinguishing between psychopaths and sociopaths sometimes, a lot of this has to do with the way in which the terms were created.  As psychologists were discovering anti-social behavior, they began to flesh out the profile of psychopath, at some later point it became increasingly obvious that there was another type of anti-social behavior and the term sociopath was created and it started to come into use.  Sociopaths…

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Jane Fonda’s Vagina Think




“If penises (I think her dumb ass meant ‘Penii’) could do what pussies do they would be on postage stamps. A lot of people are scared of Pussy Power.” ~Jane Fonda

This is very revealing about her psychosis. Her comments are completely Non-sequitur. First of all only Tyrants want to be “Feared”. Secondly, she views the General Will of the American People as a threat to the Authority of the Vagina. Not my words, hers. Why do you think there is that big V in the View’s Logo❓ Why is it the Vagina Monologues instead of the Vagina Dialogues❓ The Bee Hive is abuzz because the Hidden Hand has been slapped and the Drones are WOKE.

Psychopaths and FemiNAZIS will say that women are EQUAL to men when it benefits them & they will say that women are SUPERIOR to men when they can get…

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Istanbul Terrorist is Native American?



According to Paul Ekman, when you experience an emotional state repeatedly it becomes part of you permanent facial expressions. This influenced my Psychological models: Shared State Law of Communication.

Every thought you have, every word you speak, and every action you repeat creates Neural Myelination that is passed down to your children through Epigenetics.  So when I look at this guy I think he looks Native American Indian not Middle Eastern. 

Obama has been snatching up land in order to protect the world from Industrialization & therefore Global Warming. Obama tried to indoctrinate everyone into the World Religion of Scientism so that he could empower the Mooslem biased United Nations. There is a Secret Priest Class that determines what is and is not Science.  Obama has been forcing the Illuminati Actors & Musicians to attack Donald Trump. He used our espionage organizations to get dirt on them and then he threatened…

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The Reasoning behind White Genocide



(Continuation of this Blog)

*I am not going to debate with anybody as to whether White Genocide is real.  If you want to know my thoughts on the subject you can clink on the link above & read my original blog.

What is the Reasoning behind White Genocide?  First of all you have to realize that there is a group of smug elitists that think we are too stupid to make decisions for ourselves. Intelligence & Reason are not Natural States they are Altered States because they are attained through conditioning and culturing.  Violence & stupidity are Natural States and they are far more common in the world.  If the Civilized World were to exert an influence on the Uncivilized world to become more evolved that would smack of slavery.  No matter how hard some people tried they would only be able to reach a very low level of attainment…

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