Proving the Existence of God.



Like the Founding Fathers, I am a Deist & I Worship the God of Reason. Theism & Fundamentalists presuppose the existence of a Physical God which was not the intention of the writers of the Bible.  God is described as being Omnipotent, Omniscient, & Omnipresent, which is to say that god is All Power, All Knowledge, and All Space, and that by definition makes God the Universe.

If you can’t find evidence of God that means that you can’t see the Forest because the Trees are in the way.  Einstein remarked how impressive it was that human beings have the ability to understand the Universe. 

We take so many things for Granted.  Take Intelligence for example.  What is it?  No Reasoning person would deny it exists but nobody has ever toughed it or observed it with their Human Eyes or any Scientific Instrument.  It can’t be weighed or quantified.  All we…

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How Liberals Move the Goal Posts.

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Moving the Goalposts is a Logical Fallacy. Liberal Progressives not only think that they can move the Goal posts they are so invested with their own Personal Authority they think that they themselves are the Goalposts & the Guardians of what is True & False.

You can’t prove it to them, because they refuse to believe it, because they refuse to accept any evidence that proves their prejudices wrong. You have failed to prove your argument.

I have personally observed Atheists reject scientific posts from scientific sources because it Falsified their bias. This wasn’t an isolated incident. Not only can Atheists not debate Rationally they have NO IDEA how science is done or how scientific method works.

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The Problem with H1b Visas.



More than 100 technology companies including Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, oppose Donald Trump’s Travel Ban. Why? Because H1B visas are basically a form of Low Wage Slavery. People who come in on H1b visas agree to work for low wages for several years without renegotiating their contracts. They compete with Americans for jobs. Not only do the corporations not have to pay extra for the schooling and experience of American Citizens, they also don’t have to pay for the Cost of Living of Americans. This means that our educational systems don’t have to be competitive because other countries provide better education at a lower price than our crappy Liberal Teacher’s Unions. This also counter-incentivizes getting extra education in the United States knowing that Corporations would rather hire foreigners.

Trump isn’t doing anything bad by setting things right in favor of Americans but that is the way the press…

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Charities Misuse your TAX Dollars.



Charities get Millions of dollars from the Government in order to relocate, house and feed Muslim Terrorists & Illegal Aliens in Western Countries.  They aren’t responsible for the crimes that they will commit.  They take all credit to themselves for their Moral Superiority.  They pay their bills with Tax Payer money.  And all Risk & Expense is passed onto the Citizens.  It is also the TAX Payer who pays for their Education & Health Care

This might be a violation of the Separation of Church & state but it is absolutely a violation of the Constitutional Principle of:


Do you know what would be more Christian? Pay for them yourself, let them live in your house, eat your food, destroy your possessions, & rape and murder your family. . .

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The Return of Jesus Christ.



The Sword is also, in the Bible, an emblem of SPEECH, or of the utterance of thought. Thus, in that vision or apocalypse of the sublime exile of Patmos, a protest in the name of the ideal, overwhelming the real world, a tremendous satire uttered in the name of Religion and Liberty, and with its fiery reverberations smiting the throne of the Cæsars, a sharp two-edged sword comes out of the mouth of the Semblance of the Son of Man, encircled by the seven golden candlesticks, and holding in his right hand seven stars. “The Lord,” says Isaiah, “hath made my mouth like a sharp sword.” “I have slain them,” says Hosea, “by the words of my mouth.”“The word of God,” says the writer of the apostolic letter to the Hebrews, “is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul…

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V is for Vagina

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Whoopi Goldberg should know this because she is Jewish but Hagar was the slave of Sarah who told her husband Abraham to have a child with her because she, herself, couldn’t conceive a child. Jewish Exegesis tells us that Hagar, mother of Ishmael, was using her VOODOO on her in the form of an Eyeball Hex known as, “The Evil Eye”. This same HEX is known historically throughout the world and to this day has it’s own talisman to defend against it. Socrates mentioned it as does India & Greece. The Green Eyed Demon is known as the 6th Deadly sin of ENVY and was represented by the Greek Goddess “Invidia”.(SAMPLE)

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