Proving the Existence of God.



Like the Founding Fathers, I am a Deist & I Worship the God of Reason. Theism & Fundamentalists presuppose the existence of a Physical God which was not the intention of the writers of the Bible.  God is described as being Omnipotent, Omniscient, & Omnipresent, which is to say that god is All Power, All Knowledge, and All Space, and that by definition makes God the Universe.

If you can’t find evidence of God that means that you can’t see the Forest because the Trees are in the way.  Einstein remarked how impressive it was that human beings have the ability to understand the Universe. 

We take so many things for Granted.  Take Intelligence for example.  What is it?  No Reasoning person would deny it exists but nobody has ever toughed it or observed it with their Human Eyes or any Scientific Instrument.  It can’t be weighed or quantified.  All we…

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