Don’t Compromise the Constitution


albert pike quote

“Once determined, they must be inexorable in their application, and all must either come up to the standard or declare against it. Men may betray: principles never can. Oppression is one invariable consequence of misplaced confidence in treacherous man, it is never the result of the working or application of a sound, just, well-tried principle. Compromises which bring fundamental principles into doubt, in order to unite in one party men of antagonistic creeds, are frauds, and end in ruin, the just and natural consequence of fraud. Whenever you have settled upon your theory and creed, sanction no departure from it in practice, on any ground of expediency. It is the Master’s word.

Yield it up neither to flattery nor force! Let no defeat or persecution rob you of it! Believe that he who once blundered in statesmanship will blunder again; that such blunders are as fatal as crimes; and that…

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The Direction of the Conversation.


direction of the conversation

Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “Meaning is use.”

Marshall Mcluhan said, “The Medium is the Message.”

Both were Linguistic Philosophers & both had discovered what I have discovered…

The word “Reason” comes from the Greek Word “Ratio” meaning Root. Perhaps that is why I am so fond of Etymologies. I want to know their Origins.

The meaning in Ancient Greece has something to do with Logic (Logos/Words) and refers to a Rational (not emotional or histrionic) conversation between two or more Philosophers.

The word “Authority” comes from the “Auctoritas” of the Ancient Greeks. Authority was earned through one’s ability to Argue with Reason & Logic in a Rational manner in order to arrive at a correct perspective on Reality. This is the origin of Science.

“Jesus didn’t speak like the Teachers of (Sharia) Law, he spoke as one possessing Authority (Auctoritas).” Matthew 7:29

Psychopathic Strategic Communication

Psychopaths are strategic communicators. The Truth of…

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Why is Evil easier than Good?

Shivastus Solomonicus

creation & destruction

Shivastus Solomonicus meditates on the Nature of Brahma, Vishnu, & Shiva

“Why is it that it is so much easier to Destroy than to Create? Any Violent, Angry, Fool can Destroy but in order to Create it requires not only Understanding but Genius & Inspiration as well. Destruction can even happen by complete accident or happenstance.”

“It has never ceased to amaze me that people form relationships more quickly in order to do Evil than Good. There is a Direct Correlation between Stupidity & Violence. There will always be more stupid people on earth because of the spectrum that is created by a Meritocracy of Reason & Results in the Proportion of 10%. Atheists will be smarter than 90% of the people because they Mimic & Regurgitate the Knowledge of their Leaders, but the Deists who make up 1% of the population are infinitely smarter than the Atheist Leaders & at…

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R.I.P. Saturday Night Live

Epic Troll


This is the worst cast in the History of Saturday Night Live.  They have NO Real Talent.  It’s like they went and Hired a bunch of millennial retards in order to be hip with kids.  But guess what?  Not even millennials like millennials or take them seriously.  Millennialism is nothing but indoctrinated stupidity reinforced by a self-appointed priest class.  It isn’t cool.  It is the definition of Lame.  What about this Kyle Mooney idiot, he has never been funny even accidentally?  He is a drag.  Why is he on this show??? Who’s dick did he suck?  Not to mention I have been blocked on Twitter by half the cast. 

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Self, Knowledge, & Relationship



“In knowing others we know our self and by knowing our self we know others. The same is true of Self in Relationship to God & Nature. We can’t learn about One without learning about the Other. Because everything is Relationship. All is One & One is All.  One Self.  We exist in Relationship & we are defined by how we Relate.” ~ From the Golden Verses of Shivastus Solomonicus

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Barack Obama’s Shadow Coup


Motorcycle Details

I should have saved the quote when I came across it. I can’t find it right now but it was from before Barack Obama’s Political career and he essentially stated that with a little pushing & nudging it would be possible to start a violent revolution in the United States.

Not that long ago some conspiracy theorist told me that our oversea wars are basically a training ground for future Police Officers back here at home. I seriously doubt that unless we invented Evil but that is exactly the kind of narrative one would hear in the Black Bubble, the Ghettos of Social Media.

I predicted a long time ago that Obama was reverse engineering this Conspiracy by creating ISIS and encouraging Westerners through various venues to go and join them. He and Eric Holder were telegraphing to Illegal Immigrants, Black Gangs, Anarchists, & Atheists to feel a kinship with…

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🍔The Atheist Nothing Burger🍔

Atheist Logic Fail

Nothing burger.png

Atheists make me Laugh 😂😂😂

Do you remember that movie about how Awesome it is to be an Atheist? Do you remember that Awe-Inspiring book about Atheist Morals & the Philosophy behind them? Do you Remember that once Great Atheist Civilization? Atheism isn’t New it is old. Socrates was accused in court of being an Atheist & eventually given the death penalty. He denied it vehemently and defended himself brilliantly. There is a reason you don’t remember these things and that reason is because they never happened. Atheism has never succeeded and will never succeed and I know why.

  • Atheists can’t make Moral Judgements because they are not a Religion. If they were aMoral Authority they would be a Religion. This would be Self Falsifying.

  • There are no Universal Atheist Morals & if there are please direct me to them.

  • Atheists can’t create a Government because they can’t agree…

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Meditations on Equality & Sameness.



Jean-Jacques Rousseau stated correctly that their has never been a pure Democracy and their never will be.  In order for a pure Democracy to exist you would have to have a Nation of Gods.  This struck a chord with me because when I started creating Rational Relationship, about 15 years ago, I came to the conclusion that only Gods were capable of Rational Relationship or, at least, if you were capable of remaining Rational in Relationship you would become like God.  A person who clings to the Ego, the false sense of self, is incapable of walking this path.

Modern Science excepts A Priori evidence which is defined as A=A.  What that means is, that a Word is equal to the Definition of that word and no research is necessary to prove that fact.

This concept goes back to Plato, Proto-Indo-European, and the Hindu concept of the Causal World which…

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