Meditations on Equality & Sameness.



Jean-Jacques Rousseau stated correctly that their has never been a pure Democracy and their never will be.  In order for a pure Democracy to exist you would have to have a Nation of Gods.  This struck a chord with me because when I started creating Rational Relationship, about 15 years ago, I came to the conclusion that only Gods were capable of Rational Relationship or, at least, if you were capable of remaining Rational in Relationship you would become like God.  A person who clings to the Ego, the false sense of self, is incapable of walking this path.

Modern Science excepts A Priori evidence which is defined as A=A.  What that means is, that a Word is equal to the Definition of that word and no research is necessary to prove that fact.

This concept goes back to Plato, Proto-Indo-European, and the Hindu concept of the Causal World which…

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