Stop Robbing Americans


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I am calling on Donald Trump to make an appeal to American businesses to STOP using unethical Business Practices in order to take advantage of Citizens. When a business adopts an unethical strategy in order to acquire more money than it has earned it becomes NORMAL. Other companies can’t compete & survive unless they benchmark the same strategy. If they refuse to do the unethical things, they go out of business. This creates a leveraging of businesses against the consumer. It is a Tragedy of the Commons and an unacceptable form of Creeping Normality.

We need to make a Black List of illegitimate business practices and expose companies that are using them in order to take advantage of the American populace. Hit them in them where it hurts, in the wallet.

  • Hospitals double-billing.

  • Non-Itemized Pay Checks

  • Non-Itemized Bills

  • Lack of Transparency

  • Confusing, Sophisticated, Legal Jargon

  • Do I need to…

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