Calling America’s GURU.

Shivastus Solomonicus

hello usa guru

What is the Function of the Sad Guru or the Great Teacher? If you could pinpoint the “still, small, voice” of God in your Turiya state, then you wouldn’t need a Guru or a Messiah. The word “Moses” comes from the Proto-Indo-European word Mukti or Moksha meaning freedom. Freedom from ignorance. Freedom from the false sense of self. Freedom from ego consciousness. Jesus is the Greater Moses because “Messiah” literally means Moses.

Imagine if you will that you have heard of some place wonderful, such as: Heaven, the Garden of Eden, Nirvana, Enlightenment, Samadhi, the list goes on. You want to get there but you don’t know how so you call a Guru and you just happen to call a real guru the first time, not a false Christ or a false prophet. Continue imagining that the conversation goes something like this:

“Hello, USA Guru?”


“I want to get…

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