James Comey stunned.

Epic Troll

captain kirk

James Comey is not Captain Courageous.  Are we supposed to believe that the leader of the FBI is a big dumb girl telling us about his emotions and acting like a persecuted victim.  Or is James Comey using the Barack Obama play book of making Emotional Appeals in order to manipulate stupid millennial children and women?  Act like a victim when you are attacking.  Cry when your attack fails and claim that you never attacked in the first place.  James “The Weasel” Comey got outmaneuvered by the elected Champion of We The People. 

The dogs bark louder when you get closer to the junk yard and the Democrats are trying to keep us away from finding out what the Secret Agenda which is still in effect.  The Globalist, Communist, New World Order.  The Democrats never gave up their Plantations they just expanded them to the Whole World and then they…

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