Self-Awareness Checklist


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  1. What Emotional State am I in?

  2. What am I in relationship with right now?  Am I thinking about something that is altering my mood?  

  3. Am I acting and speaking out of a positive emotional state?  

  4. Can I afford to do what I am doing?  

  5. Am I in a strategic environment or a rational environment? 

  6. Am I talking to a rational person or an irrational person.  

  7. What is my intention?  Is it clear? Is it known?  Am I seeking a byproduct? 

  8. Am I communicating Emotional Data or Analytical Data?  

  9. Am I controlling my emotions or are my emotions controlling me?  

  10. Am I taking responsibility for my actions and the fallout of my actions or am I hoping another party compensates for my failure?  

  11. Am I confident that I am correct?  

  12. Is my confidence based on experience and knowledge that is within the…

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