The General doesn’t falsify the Specific.


the general & the specific

I was very pleased to hear Tucker Carlson jam up one of his victims for deflecting a specific line of questioning by supporting it with evidence from the General. When I originally named this fallacy, over 2 years ago, I originally called it “The General, the Specific, & the Personal”. Now that I am rewriting it on a different medium I have removed the Personal because it is a redundancy of the specific, it is just a more specific, specificity, personal testimony that is.

The Reason that I pointed out this fallacy is because I LOVE to debate and I am World Class at it. When Destroying Liberal Retards I noticed that when discussing what was true about the General they would offer evidence from personal experience or a specific event. It was annoying because I knew it was invalid but they weren’t talking to me they were attempting sound…

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