Mark Levin is Wrong.



Iam a fan of Mark Levin so I hope he can forgive me for this blog.  Congratulations on your book and your New Found celebrity.  Thank you for picking up the term “Islam-o-Nazi” from me after I educationally trolled you on Twitter.  Much of what you know about the danger of Islamism you most likely learned from me even if you heard those ideas from others.  You see I created the Ban Sharia brand in 2014 and while I haven’t made a single dollar from it I have lost almost everything because of it including a 12 year long career with Whole Foods because of my online advocacy.  I am glad that you finally got on the Trump Train in some manner.  I was on the Trump Train before it existed.  I helped create the “Trump Train.” 

For the past week I have heard you repeatedly otherizing Jean-Jacques Rousseau…

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