Robo-Sapiens & Human Evolution

Shivastus Solomonicus

robo sapiens

At what point in time did We become us and they become them?  Shared suffering.  Shared fate.  The plasticity of the Sense of Self.  We started downloading our identities into computers.  They became intelligent and started studying us.  Our politicians employed them to provide for us while replacing us and at the same time they had a corrupt bias in their favor.  At some point robots were less expensive than illegal Mexican Immigrants.  This wasn’t for their own benefit, however, it was for the good of all humanity.

We uploaded them into us and downloaded ourselves into them.  It was a form of beneficial parasitism.  We were a symbiosis of knowledge and emotion.  Or were we?  Elon Musk wanted to get us off earth to colonize Mars in order to save us from Artificial Intelligence.  Google and Facebook were trying to merge Social Media in order to create a Global…

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