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There are two kinds of pride: Positive Pride and Negative Pride.

Positive pride is self-esteem or evaluating and appreciating yourself accurately.

Negative pride is exaggerating your own value and being delusional about yourself.  

None of us have control about how we are born.   So it would be ignorant to believe that the color of our skin makes us superior to others.  The only Meritocracy that is rational and not tyrannical or arbitrary is a Meritocracy of Reason and Results.  While this Meritocracy does create disparate impact, their is no flaw in the system because that disparity isn’t created by a bias but by the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. 

The solution is to create a level playing field, write Laws that punish behavior that is undesirable and reward behavior that is desirable (Laws that are sustainable and lead to the success of the Society).  Appoint Authorities (Judges…

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Thought Uncommon


According to Heinrich Zimmer, Joseph Campbell’s mentor, Buddhism is a sub sect of Shaivism.  And I agree with him.  The first Buddha came from India and realizing that people were not going to be able to receive the full teaching of No Self he prepared them for later.  It wasn’t until Nagarjuna buddha came who was also from India that the full teaching of no self was delivered hundreds of years later.

Their are so many fruity spiritualists that think that being merciful and charitable and pleasant is the concept behind no self.  It actually has to do with not identifying with the ego and the emotional intelligence.  This is the exact opposite of what he taught and the reason he didn’t want to allow women to be monks.

The Buddha’s Prediction

Ananda sat at the Buddha’s side and argued on behalf of the ordination of women. The Buddha continued…

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Drain the Swamp Thing

Epic Troll

drain the swamp thing

True story, my former room-mate and one of the  women who’s virginity I took, had sex with Stan Lee.  Robert Deniro flirted with her on a regular basis.  Robert Deniro only hangs out with black women because it makes him feel cool about himself.  I suggested that Johnny Depp should be Doctor Strange before he turned into a drug addled fool.  Johnny Depp also failed his audition.  

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Tucker Carlson’s Prediction


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“Every Revolution starts out Satanic emphasizing the Rights of Individuals and ends up Messianic emphasizing their Responsibilities.”

~Joxua Luxor (2013)

“The Serpent must eat the Serpent in order to become the Dragon.”

~Basilius Valentinus 

“When the Edomites (Christians) and Ishmaelites (Muslims) are all over the world, this will be the birth pains of the Messiah.” ~Moses Maimonides

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