Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel




I write this blog with a heavy heart knowing that I will get no credit because of the Acquisitively Mimetic nature of human beings. Now that I have coined the phrase, “Untied Nations” other people will copy me. Before you know it people will be saying “Untied States of America”. I am the hidden subject that inspires everybody, I have the testicular fortitude to say what everybody is feeling and to communicate it in a reasonable way. But I digress…

Due to emergent properties of Islam, there are now 55 Muslim nations. Islam is a cancer within a cancer. If so-called “Peaceful Mooslems” are a benign Cancer, they are a Trojan Horse for the Malignant Cancer of Radical Islam. Like the Sicarii that infested ancient Rome they do nothing to impede the way of terrorism but they ensure…

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ॐ Stop Funding Muslim Terrorists🌺


tulsi(I originally posted this on Medium on January 27 before they censored my blog.)

The first time I heard of Tulsi Gabbard it was from the Pundit formerly known as “the Great One”, Mark Levin. He was attacking Donald Trump, saying that he was a Crypto-Democrat because he was meeting with a Decorated Army Veteran. You see, Mark Levin is part of the Purple Revolution. He is one of those Neo-Con Republicans & Crony Capitalists that wants to turn Middle Class America into a permanent slave class. The Neo-Cons took credit for destroying RUSSIA by funding Terrorists in Afghanistan. (Click here for more information)

Tulsi Gabbard went to Syria herself & realized what was actually happening that the 👉MEDIA👈 wasn’t reporting. Apparently, Christianity originally spread from Antioch which is modern day Syria. Assad, with the help of Vladimir Putin has been trying to protect ☩✙☨Syrian Christians☨✙☩ from Terrorist Mooslems that…

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Boycott Breitbart

Epic Troll

steve bannon sucks his own dick

I am actually very much a fan of Breitbart News.  I like them because they plagiarize so much of the Ban Sharia content that I created.  I lost my job for writing those blogs and never got paid a single cent for my service but it makes me happy when I see other people get successful using my arguments and logic without crediting me. 

What I don’t like is that Stephen Bannon thinks that he is smarter than everybody else.  Because of his hatred and arrogance, he thought that he knew more than Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump combined and he ended up lobbying for a Lunatic.  I hated Roy Moore from the moment I laid eyes on him but I refused to say anything because I didn’t know anything.  I watched him whip out his tiny little pistol and brandish it proudly on stage.  I was less than impressed. …

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Metaphysics for Christians


christian metaphysics.jpg

It is a great source of frustration for me that since I originally posted my metaphysics it hasn’t been adopted by Christians and it is being ignored by Physicists & Atheists (originally posted here).  Now Michael Savage has published his book “God, Faith, & Reason” and though I know he has read and plagiarized my research in the past he hasn’t stumbled upon my metaphysics. 

Christians can’t win using their arguments and Atheists, whom I have falsified repeatedly in Rational Debate, have NO desire to see my arguments spread.  So my genius is trapped between a dumb rock and a hard place. 

The problem begins with the Theistic urges of Christians.  They have this need to think that there is a  God with a physical body.  We know that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.  That is a rhetorical tautology of the universe.  If God is all knowledge, all…

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