Jesus the Warrior.


jesus sword heaven A.jpgSo, there I am listening to Lars Larson today and I hear him mention this scripture, Luke 22 : 36, in which Jesus says, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”  This was interesting to me because it fits my historical profile of Jesus but of more concern was the word he used for “cloak”.

Cicero said, “Cedante arma, togae”.  Which means that  War garb must yield to the garment of Logic and Reason or the Toga.  The Toga is the Greek version of the Hindu Sari and the Buddhist Kasaya.  In ancient Greece, Leisure was associated with education because it had a positive connotation.  They wore lose fitting garb that was comfortable and ill suited for war.  

Western Civilization came from the Augur cult which inspired the body of…

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Martin Shkreli & Wu Tang Clan

Epic Troll

martin shkreli.mp4

Humorously, this young dirty bastard felt a kinship with Wu-Tang Clan.  I always thought it was curious that “Wu Tang” literally means “Without Technique” and yet one of their feature performers is named “Method Man”.  How is “Method” not a rhetorical tautology of “Technique”?  Anyway, I put Martin Shkreli’s name into the Wu-Tang name generator and it came back “Violent Specialist” so congratulations Martin you are fly.  You have street credit now.  You are an official member of the Wu-Tang clan and you get to hob knob with their fan base in the joint.  There really is a heaven.  When you get out you might need your own AIDS drug.  I hope you can afford it. 

Not really……   3:})

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