Martin Shkreli & Wu Tang Clan

Epic Troll

martin shkreli.mp4

Humorously, this young dirty bastard felt a kinship with Wu-Tang Clan.  I always thought it was curious that “Wu Tang” literally means “Without Technique” and yet one of their feature performers is named “Method Man”.  How is “Method” not a rhetorical tautology of “Technique”?  Anyway, I put Martin Shkreli’s name into the Wu-Tang name generator and it came back “Violent Specialist” so congratulations Martin you are fly.  You have street credit now.  You are an official member of the Wu-Tang clan and you get to hob knob with their fan base in the joint.  There really is a heaven.  When you get out you might need your own AIDS drug.  I hope you can afford it. 

Not really……   3:})

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