Democratic Socialism: Defined.


democratic socialism defined

Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves.  Democracy and Socialism are antithetical to one another.  Socialism is Fascism and Communism.  Democracy is a meritocracy of reason and logic, a diversity of opinion.  Socialism is a plurality of a singular opinion in which people are intimidated into agreeing with a single opinion.  Socialism is a popular rule by a forced opinion.  Who is flooding the borders for Democratic votes?  Who is threatening and harassing people who openly support Donald Trump?

Psychopaths try to control who is allowed into the conversation, opinions that can be expressed in that conversation, the direction of the conversation, and the conclusion of the conversation.  Then they act like it was a spontaneous, Democratic function.  

If you are stupid enough to be manipulated and not smart enough to realize when you are being bull-shitted, you agree with them and participate with the manipulation to your own injury. …

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