Cult 45

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cult 45.gifMaybe we are a cult.  All religions are cults apriorily.  As such we are protected by the constitution.  The word “cult” comes from “occult” which means “hidden or secret”.  I think Trump supporters should come out of the closet.  

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The Cornerstone that they rejected.


cornerstone rr

Only Rational Relationship is sustainable because is creates more value than it consumes.  What people have ignored is that Jesus was a carpenter so he had to have a working knowledge of Algebra.  The Cross if made out of 4 equilateral squares creates a perfect cube.  For this and numerous other reasons I psychologically profiled Jesus as belonging to the Math Cults of Pythagoras for whom every mathematical formula was a name of God.

Everybody wants to live in a Rational Society, but when people refuse to be Rational in that society they are stealing from society.  Too many people refuse to participate when reason demands their participation and this leads to the eventual downfall of Civilization.  Thieves don’t steal from homeless vagrants and parasites don’t feast off of other parasites.  Not for long anyway, that is known as decay, not life.  How much pain will people have to experience…

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Adios Miss America

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miss america

Miss America pageant will no longer include the swimsuit or evening gown categories.  But the host will now be a drag queen constantly changing outfits between evening gowns and swim suits.  Muslims in Burkas will now be included but nobody will be watching the event including Muslim men.  Muslim men will be watching goat beauty pageants.  Only Militant Lesbians will be watching.

Yeah, I used to create this meme.

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