When people say, “Wing Chun is a useless martial art.”

Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi

I was trained in Dux Ryu Ninjitsu, and Muay Thai.  My career as a head bouncer required that I not strike first and leave as few marks as possible.  I created and used Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi which is essentially Wing Chun without the punching.  It isn’t that I can’t punch or kick, I do and I have, I just don’t do it first and when I do it, I do it better.  Like a gunslinger or a samurai, I pull second, shoot first, and never miss.

My sensei wanted me to compete but I refused because if I was to fight I didn’t want to be fighting for ego.  In ADSTC there is no “winning” without Learning & Teaching.  There are no points and there are no belts.  There is doing your best and improving your best.  I don’t extract your authority from you by getting you addicted…

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