Pure Democracy & Liberal Tyranny


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I paraphrased Plato. What he actually said was:

“Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.” ~Plato

When Good and Evil are considered Equal to one another you have Anarchy.  Plato’s 5 regimes explain how government starts out good led by the Philosopher Kings and then degrades leading to Anarchy & Tyranny.  When society is successful survival is easy which means people can afford to be stupid.  As they protect stupidity it reproduces.  When stupid people are Citizens they make stupid decisions stupidly.  Democrat Leaders are not stupid, they are consciously evil.  They are using the Useful Idiots that Vladimir Lenin mentioned to further their agenda which is why intelligent people are leaving the Democrat Thought Plantation as I have.  Democrats are now lead by violent socialists, Sharia law advocates, and Homo-Fascists.  Antifa are their foot soldiers…

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So what do I think of Islam?

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One of the biggest problems you encounter in life, besides alcohol, drug users, pushers, liars,. are the immoral Control freaks.This seems to be a Liberal, Democrat trait. Of course they want to enslave you, control you for their supposed own positive benefit.. Apostle Judas comes to mind… Since most people are like sheep and thus easily deceived, controlled.

These Abusers are often really deceived persons falsely believing they alone have the right to speak and to be heard.. they are generally the unacceptable bullies as well now.. all unacceptable always, still.. God himself does not tolerate, all such abuses. The right of free speech is never a right to lie about others, to bully them, to slander them, to put them down.. These people seem also like to post anything on the net just to see their own name in print.. weird.


Jesus Christ is still the way, the…

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