“Voter Suppression”: Liberal Dictionary

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1 liberal dictionary voter suppression

Anybody voting Democrat is either Consciously Evil or Unforgivably Stupid.  Democrats know they can’t win without cheating.  Democrats told us that Donald Trump didn’t win the Popular Vote. I said that if you subtract the Illegal Vote he did win the Popular Vote.  Trump tried to find out how many illegals voted and Democrats blocked him.  Now we find that there are 2x as many Illegal Aliens as we thought, 22 million.  We find that Democrats are trying to get illegals to vote with ballots that are pre-filled with Democrat selections.  Global Communists try to over run our borders with thousands of people from South America.  Democrats refuse to purge voter registries.  Democrats can’t do their will rationally because their will isn’t rational.  Rational people are happy voting once and protecting the sanctity of the vote.  

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