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If you can tax every corporation in the world you control the means of production by proxy.  That is a rhetorical tautology of Communism.  I am not against the possibility that Global Warming might exist and that humans might be responsible, but I know for a certainty that Global Communism isn’t the solution.

Let’s say that a hot dog factory has surpassed their carbon footprint.  They say, “people are starving, we need to make more hot dogs.”  The bureaucrats say, “Sorry, unless you can pay the fine you can’t make more hot dogs, that’s the Law.”  The Hidden Subject is that the Global Communists want to reduce the population on the planet.  When there are fewer humans you need less meat to feed them.  Flatulence is a greenhouse gas.  


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Fascism: Liberal Dictionary

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According to Liberals and ANTIFA, Patriotism and National Pride is Fascism.  Why did ANTIFA protest ICE?  Because ANTIFA are Global Communist Fascists.  From their perspective a National Identity is a threat to their agenda.  The Cloward-Piven strategy is to bankrupt the United States with Welfare Leaches.  Thus proving Capitalism wrong.  Thus proving Communism correct.  Therefore, Global Communism is the Liberal “Solution”.  

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The Fascism Fallacy.


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Aesop’s Fable of “Strength in Unity” is directly related to the Fasces which is the root word of Fascism.  The Lictors of Ancient Rome dragged people before the Senate when they were accused of crimes against the state.  They bore as their insignia the fasces.  The root word of Lictor and ReLigion is the same, “ligare” and it means “to be bound together”. 

ANTIFA claim to be ANTI-FASCISM, but they are “bound together” by Global Communism and they see the concept of National Identity as an Evil against their cause.  Have they told us what the Social Contract of this New World Order is?  Have they asked our permission in creating it?  No, instead we are lead towards it blindfolded and handcuffed by blind men.  For they themselves don’t know what it is.  They only know that they hate us and the United States and they want to see us…

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