The Organizer: Dissatisfaction and The Black Community

Idiots Guide To My People

The Organizer must create a major problem and issue and have a well-financed organization to stay focused on that issue. The Organizer is using Black people as the source to fuel that dissatisfaction. The controversy of black men being shot by law enforcement is the perfect narrative in order to rub raw already held resentments in the black community. It’s the perfect issue if you want to galvanize a group of people in order to seize power. Every radical technique can be easily tried and tested against an emotionally charged community. The Organizer uses racism in order to attract those like-minded individuals in the community. High unemployment, incarceration, split families, increased teen pregnancies, illegal drugs, liquor stores, welfare and foodstamps. This recipe of poverty tools is concocted by the Organizer until he is ready to bake a society of dissatisfaction. This creation is now ready for the Organizer to feed…

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The {Empty Set} & Organic Computer Theory


empty set

As far as I know, nobody in the field of linguistics has written about this concept before I mentioned it.  But because I have no reputation and I am considered a “hobbyist” I don’t get any credit.  The reason that it interested me is because of my Organic Computer Theory and how human communication can be expressed in mathematical terms. 

Ludwig Wittgenstein stated, cryptically, “Meaning is use.”  Which is to say that the person speaking determines what they mean not the person listening.  A word is an empty set, literally a sound but it is ensouled by the meaning of the word.  Which is based on the intention of the speaker. Recently, President Donald Trump was taken to task for calling the wife of a fallen soldier.  Donald Trump didn’t call to insult her but his attempt to console was ill-received, most likely because of a pre-existing prejudice against him…

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Why we have an Electoral College.


1 electoral college.png

Let’s say that you live in farm country.  How close do you live to one another?  On the coasts, however, the population density is much greater.  We can stack people on top of each other.  Coasts have harbors and they can purchase goods from other countries, mainly because we are rich but what if we embrace the Socialist values of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?  Will we still be rich?

Now what if we were completely dependent on Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia for our oil?  What if we were completely dependent on China for our Steel and pork?

The people who produce goods have a much different perspective from those who only consume them.  They know what they need to survive and they know how they are connected with commerce in the United States. This is why their opinions are weighted differently.  We can’t afford to depend on other…

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