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A Weird experience at Bruce Lee’s Grave

Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi


When I was creating Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi I was in a difficult situation.  The economy had turned sour in Washington.  I had just lost my job and was having trouble finding gainful employment.  I was volunteering at the Veteran’s Hospital teaching, Tai Chi and I was sometimes having to sleep in my car.  The only place I could park without being bothered was by Bruce Lee’s grave.  This was after my having gone to New York and receiving Shaktipat initiation from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, so I was meditating very hard and trying to move on to the next level and out of my current situation.  I was attacking meditation as if attaining samadhi / satori would somehow cure my situation.

I would sit in half lotus, or lay in shivasana and repeat over and over OM NAMAH SHIVAYAH, until I could feel sparks of light in my forehead and my body…

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