Open Letter to Richard Letcher.

The Prince

I suppose that you could have been a worse father but it would have taken a lot of effort.  If I had my life to live over again I would have had myself emancipated as early as possible.

When I talked to you after disappearing for 7 years, you were angry.  How could I have disappeared for 7 years? you asked.  What was my incentive to be in relationship with you?  How was I ever positively incentivized to be in relationship with you?

You were going to transfer your landscape maintenance company to me?  When you know that I have allergic asthma?  That ring that you found, you were going to give it to me after a year of pioneering.

When I started talking to you again, you were only concerned with repairing your reputation as a shitty parent.  

I hope that you live every day thinking about the…

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