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I am known as Shivah Solomon, Joxua MourningStar, Adam Wolfe, and Joxua Luxor, I am into linguistics, psycholinguistics, philosophy, painting, writing both fiction and non fiction.  I have created my own philosophy and psychology.  I am a shaktipat guru and a jnani yogi. I also created my own martial art, ascending dragon style tai chi.  I was given shaktipat initiation by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.  I am a student of all religions, sciences, philosophies, arts, and aspirations.

I am the author of the


I_____________________ promise to myself that I will never stop learning or growing being interested, curious, questioning, questing. I will love the real and the true, no matter what it is. I will admit when I am wrong and correct myself happily. Because all knowledge is self knowledge, to have accurate knowledge is to know myself. To reject truth is to hate reality and avoid myself. If I cling to the untrue, the illogical, unreasoned, I hate my true self. If I am not growing and not learning then I am already dead. I will slay that which is deluded in me by learning what is true.I will stay in real-ationship. “Epanasundesi” I realize that the walking on the path is the destination. I will not think about a desired destination. That destination is becoming and I have already arrived. If I realize that I have stepped foot off the path, the praxis of the rational, I will make amends and return to my path that I have set before myself. Not out of guilt or shame but a returning to the analytical, the rational. I will reciprocate good for good. I will not be distracted from those relationships that support me and help me, that create value. I will not take from those relationships and squander resources on relationships that do not pay me back.

I will not engage in strategic behavior to manipulate a desired outcome. I will speak plainly and my words will reflect my accurate thoughts, emotions and actions. I will speak my truth boldly “Parr Hesia” I will remember that there are 3 hidden subjects, my experience of reality, your experience of reality and reality itself. I will not judge tacitly from analogy thinking that I must contend over experiences of reality, I do not choose what is good for others, they do no choose what is good for me. My resources do my will as long as they do not affect the resources of others. Combined resources do combined will, but at the same time remain the property of the persons that earned them.

I will not be tyrannical, arbitrary, or inconsistent. I understand that all valid philosophies pose a meritocracy of some sort so that the individuals can move around freely. I understand that I must remain consistently rational in order to be considered rational. That I must know myself and represent myself accurately. Even when the lights are off and no one is watching I still remain loyal to my own philosophy for myself which I will not conceal from others for the sake of personal gain. I will be known as I am and I will know others accurately as they are. We are equal under reason.

I have taken this burden on myself to make the world a better place, one that I want to live in. I own all wisdom by having the ability to understand it and apply it. All best processes belong to me through this faculty. In order to live in a rational world the people in it have to be rational. I recognize the authority of reason and reason alone. The law was not made by man, but the laws that govern success in relationship are preexisting and immutable. If I want to live in a rational world, I must behave rationally in rational relationship in rational environments.

I am a citizen of the world.

By Shivastus Solomonicus


22 thoughts on “About Joxua Luxor”

  1. Wanted to just say thanks for taking the time to read and then follow my blog. I appreciate it. I must say that yours expresses some unique and interesting ideas and thoughts.

  2. Thank you for the follow. I can see you are a man of high intellect. You express your thoughts uniquely, so I will look forward to reading your blog.

      1. Your welcome!! I noticed you are a Shaktipat Guru? Im not sure how to ask but could you grant me shaktipat by distance? Any other way?

      2. It is possible, but you receive shaktipat because of your worthy-ness not because of the absence of the intention of the guru. When you are un-distracted and at peace, think of me and ask me for shaktipat darshan. It is customary to bring the Guru a gift, and whatever you give to the guru, the guru returns to you. So remember, bring your best. Let me know what success you have, I probably won’t be online for a while after today, I am moving to another state.
        Namaskaram, Sadgurunnath ki jay!

  3. Your research lacks reference to credible sources, and defiant to your oath your haughty reasoning shows inflexibility, which any good researcher can never accrue. Anyways, you are not worth reading. Sorry for true comments.

    1. Thank You for all of you Un-Reasoned, Un-Evidenced assertions that come from your Ex-Cathedra Authority, Which can also be rejected without evidence or reason, because not only is Mo-Ham-Head not the pope, He is not my PoPe & I have never recognized his Stupid, Serial Murdering, Baby Raping, Sex Slaving, Women Beheading, Authority or his Personal Sexual Relationship With the Allah Who Raped Him When he was 6 years old. . .

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