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The General doesn’t falsify the Specific.


the general & the specific

I was very pleased to hear Tucker Carlson jam up one of his victims for deflecting a specific line of questioning by supporting it with evidence from the General. When I originally named this fallacy, over 2 years ago, I originally called it “The General, the Specific, & the Personal”. Now that I am rewriting it on a different medium I have removed the Personal because it is a redundancy of the specific, it is just a more specific, specificity, personal testimony that is.

The Reason that I pointed out this fallacy is because I LOVE to debate and I am World Class at it. When Destroying Liberal Retards I noticed that when discussing what was true about the General they would offer evidence from personal experience or a specific event. It was annoying because I knew it was invalid but they weren’t talking to me they were attempting sound…

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Donald Trump won the Popular Vote


the popular voteOriginally posted January 25, 2016 on Medium before my blog got suspended.  Mentioned recently by Rush Limbaugh. 

American Nationalism & Populism is GOOD!

Donald Trump only has to investigate the votes of New York, California, Chicago, & Sanctuary Cities in order to prove that 25% of at least 12,000,000 illegal immigrants, encouraged by Barack Obama, voted against him.

What is the Media afraid of? HRC & Barack Obama were flooding the country with Illegal Immigrants in order to thwart the General Will and defeat Donald Trump. In spite of their conspiracy THEY LOST, Big League!

The Demon-Craps keep repeating that he lost the popular vote and that we should be a pure Democracy instead of a Republic. They are Capitalizing on the Average Stupidity of the Millennials that they have been dumbing down and the Immigrants that hate America. They were trying to beat Trump & thwart Americans by flooding our…

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Why is Health Care so expensive?


repeal & replace

The Original Oath of Hippocrates said:

I swear by Apollo. . . (the Gods & the Healers), making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this indenture.
To hold my teacher in this art equal to my own parents; to make him partner in my livelihood; when he is in need of money to share mine with him; to consider his family as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they want to learn it, without fee or indenture. . . (More Here)

It continues to say that they will help the sick. While the above portion mentions a detachment to money, healing the sick doesn’t mention anything about being for the purpose of money or for profit.

Duncker’s candle problem was a Psychological Cognitive test in which candidates were given a candle, a box of Matches, a box of thumbtacks…

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How to fight Kim Jong In ☢️☢️☢️


kim jong uno

The Perfumed Garden

This is how we roll. Without any warning we drop a series of very LOUD bombs that explode, in the air, above the populace and create a lot of noise (but kill nobody). Immediately after that we drop flyers written in Korean that inform the Korean armed forces if they approach any Korean War Craft they will be killed Kim Jong Un is already dead. Next we kill Kim Jong Un. Lastly, we allow Xi Jinping to announce the next Ruling Family of North Korea and we praise him effusively for doing so.


Kim Jong Un is a God Emperor to the North Koreans. Once he is dead they have no reason to fight because he can’t kill…

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Communism Fails because it rewards Failure.


gay flag Communists Punish those who create value in Rational Relationships.

A major part of Karl Marx Philosophical Calculus was:

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Some scholars trace this back to Acts 4: 35. I think this is the case but if so it is also a bastardization of what Jesus taught based on my research. Some have suggested that you can’t understand Karl Marx without understanding the Kibbutz. There is an element of truth to this but you also can’t understand why it consistently fails without understanding the Philosophical Family (Philoish) of Pythagoras.

Every person who was a member of the Math Cults of Pythagoras was a veritable Genius. They didn’t adopt just any person. In order to be a member you had to create more value than you destroyed or consumed. Once a member of the Philosophical Family, having demonstrated one’s ability to happily…

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The difference between Ed Henry & Chris Stirewalt.


ed henry

Ed Henry has a square shaped head with a decent amount of hair.

Chris Stirewalt has an egg shaped head with little hair.  

Ed Henry has a genuine smile based on his courage and many accomplishments. 

Chris Stirewalt has an asymmetric smile that leaks negative emotions such as contempt, arrogance, and disgust. 

Ed Henry has a good reputation that he has worked hard to earn.  

Chris Stirewalt is a vagina worshipping, skirt chaser, who is drafting off Dana Perino.  

Science has proven that people with egg shaped heads will have heart attacks before people with square shaped heads.  

Science has also proven that Dana Perino is an uninteresting, sawed-off, little b**** that thinks everything exists for her own benefit and she is the judge of everything.  Is Dana Perino the downfall of the New Fox News?  In a word, YES.  

Furthermore Chris Stirewalt will never…

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