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this guy has his head so far up his a55 I had to bust him.

stephan flach

The Person being quoted has adopted a position that a culture that considers you forbidden farm animals, as Muslims do, not fit to be tolerated but needing to be immediately exterminated, in that case it is acceptable to view them accordingly.  This is true in just war theory and is a commonly accepted practice, turn about is fair play.  Furthermore, it is the only sustainable and rational option for a person or group of people that themselves want to survive.  Suggesting otherwise is suggesting that one group of people’s desire to annihilate another group of people from the earth is acceptable, but adopting a similar perspective about that people is untenable.  I hate people that only study one perspective, bias mining to prove themselves correct in their blissful, stupid Ignorance, look at that douche bag’s face, what a scum bucket.

It has often bothered  me that this seems to be a natural outcropping of the feminine bias of the western mind.  Evil, stupid, crazy, backwards, tribal, racist, idiots, are allowed to continue being as they are because elitist, feminist, lib-tards like the idiot shown above think that is just their culture, and that intelligent, reasonable, and correct people should back down from the violently insane and offer them mercy and charity as one group tries to kill the other.  This idiot, Stephan Flach is deserving of all of the mercy of Islam.


Palestinian society abuses its children, teaching them to hate and kill themselves to kill others
Under self-rule on the West Bank and Gaza, child sacrifice has turned into a normative part of the socialization process as the phenomenon of suicide bombers has escalated to epidemic proportions.6

From an early age, children are fed anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish and anti-Western hate propaganda. Mosques, schools, summer camps, and even children’s television programs are exploited to encourage children to become martyrs in an act that will bring them respect and parental pride:

In Hamas-run kindergartens, signs on the walls read: “The children of the kindergarten are the shahids (holy martyrs) of tomorrow.”7
A television show called “The Children’s Club” shows a young Palestinian, age 9 or 10 proclaiming, “When I wander into Jerusalem, I will become a suicide bomber.”8
The Palestinian Authority-controlled television,9 broadcasts MTV-style videos for teens that glorify suicide bombing and martyrdom.
A 6th grade Palestinian textbook, Our Beautiful Language, includes the “Shahid Song” that encourages death in war as a shahid or martyr. Other textbooks carry similar messages.
At a Palestine Authority summer camp in 2002, 25,000 children were trained in how to make firebombs, use firearms, and ambush and kidnap targeted enemies.10
An Islamic Jihad summer school massages the libidos of teenage boys by telling them they will “liberate Palestine from the Jews” by becoming martyrs, and promise the boys that they will be greeted by 72 virgins.11
Kindergartens, schools, summer camps, and school sports tournaments (and other institutions) are named after terrorists and young suicide bombers, who are used as pedagogic role models.12
One of the most chilling examples of Palestinian role modeling occurred in the case of Aziz Salha, age 20, a participant in the lynching of two Israelis at the Ramallah police station in October 2000.13 The London Telegraph reported how Salha “choked one of the soldiers while others beat him. When he saw that his hands were covered in blood, he went to the window and showed them to the crowd below.” This unforgettable scene, captured by a foreign news crew, is used as the focus for adoration and reenactment14 in Gaza kindergartens, much as children in American public school might reenact the signing of the Declaration of Independence.