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Why Saturday Night Live, Sucks.


kyle mooney

So, I recently watched this documentary about Jim Carrey when he was doing the movie about Andy Kaufman.  It answered some questions for me.  Unfortunately, for me, I was raised Jehovah’s Witness but since I can remember I loved Saturday Night Live and Comedy.  The current cast of SNL is the least funny that I have ever seen but eclipsing them in unfunny-ness is Kyle Mooney who is never funny even accidentally.  Because SNL won’t let me forget about him I wondered to myself, “Why is this queer even on SNL?” 

Apparently, he masquerades as a comedy writer.  I scrolled through his Wikipedia page and I am proud to announce that nothing he has been apart of has ever remotely caught my interest.  He reminds me of this college educated douche I met in southern California when I decided to get back into stand-up comedy because the comedians had suddenly…

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Power doesn’t corrupt people.



“They say that Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is incorrect. The truth of the matter is that the perception of Power is corrupt because power can only be abused.  Where an evil person perceives “power” and reaches for it quickly a good person sees Responsibility and reaches for it slowly.” ~Joxua Luxor 

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