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The Stupid Squad.


A Weird experience at Bruce Lee’s Grave

Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi


When I was creating Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi I was in a difficult situation.  The economy had turned sour in Washington.  I had just lost my job and was having trouble finding gainful employment.  I was volunteering at the Veteran’s Hospital teaching, Tai Chi and I was sometimes having to sleep in my car.  The only place I could park without being bothered was by Bruce Lee’s grave.  This was after my having gone to New York and receiving Shaktipat initiation from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, so I was meditating very hard and trying to move on to the next level and out of my current situation.  I was attacking meditation as if attaining samadhi / satori would somehow cure my situation.

I would sit in half lotus, or lay in shivasana and repeat over and over OM NAMAH SHIVAYAH, until I could feel sparks of light in my forehead and my body…

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The Truth about Illegal Immigrants.


1 ice

Lars Larson crunched the numbers on this.  This is based on prison population percentages compared to American population, and these numbers don’t reflect crimes that weren’t prosecuted, so let that sink in for a minute.

It isn’t just that Mexico is saving money by encouraging their criminals to come to the United States, it is also that in their country it is less taboo to molest, rob, and kill immigrants from South of Mexico.  If you enter a country without respect for it’s laws and borders of course you aren’t going to respect those laws when you are in the country. 

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Jesus wasn’t a Socialist


1 jesus wasn't a socialist

I recently had a very stupid debate with a moron that insisted Jesus was a socialist like himself.  I know that if this tool was saying it there must be other morons like himself so I decided to write this blog.  

He said that Jesus was a socialist because he fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread.  Since the bible wasn’t written literally but in  Jewish Exegesis it can’t be interpreted literally.  In Matt. 4:4, Jesus says, “Man must not live on bread alone but on every utterance coming forth from God.”  This shows a connection between Torah and bread.

Elijah performed a miracle of multiplying bread and oil so a widow wouldn’t starve. Elisha fed 100 people with 20 barley loaves and Moses fed the Israelites in the wilderness with manna.  The meaning of the 5 loaves most likely represents the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of…

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FBI agent accidentally reveals own 8chan posts; attempts to redirect white supremacist rage against Russia

Current Events Inquiry

The unsealing of an application for a search warrant by the federal government on 8chan’s servers has unintentionally revealed that a federal agent has been trolling the site and attempting to redirect the users’ conspiracy theories against the Russian government instead of the CIA or Mossad.

The legal case stems from the April 27th shooting at a California synagogue by white supremacist and 8chan user John Earnest. The day of the shooting, Earnest is believed to have posted to 8chan a link to an anti-Semitic Pastebin manifesto and a not-so-cryptic suggestion that he was about to commit a murderous act of violence to back up his beliefs. In the accompanying affidavit to the search warrant application, FBI Special Agent Michael J. Rod requests the “IP address and metadata information about Earnest’s original posting and the postings of all of the individuals who responded to the subject posting and/or commented about…

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