Twin Falls, Idaho: Mormon Boy Scout troop being used to promote MORE refugees

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It is really pretty shameful to use Boy Scouts who couldn’t possibly understand the complexity of the US Refugee Admissions Programto be shilling for a resettlement contractor paid by the head to place refugees in communities like Twin Falls just so local businesses can take advantage of taxpayer-supported cheap/captive labor that refugees represent.

They know not what they do….

Here is the latest from Leo Hohmann at WND.  Be sure to see previous posts of mine about how the Mormon church is getting in to the refugee seeding process. LOL! I think they are angling to become VOLAG number ten!

One week after three refugee boys from Sudan and Iraq pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho, the city council has voted unanimously to lay out the welcome mat for more refugees.

The council voted 7-0 to direct the city staff to draft a…

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ice police

Hasta la vista, Anchor Baby. 👢💥🚼

Useful Liberal Idiots, who have committed themselves to flying in the face of reason & never participating with it, are now resorting to Obstructionism. They are  asking for ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) to remove the word “Police” from their uniforms so that people don’t mistake them for City Police and harbor resentment against them, especially, Sanctuary States & Cities.

This seems like a harmless concession but it is a dangerous gambit. You have to understand how cunning psychopaths are. Next they will be asking you to where Neon Orange uniforms that make you more obvious Targets. Subliminally, if you listen to them, you will create a rift with State & City Police because this action will REIFY a difference between you. They will cease to think of you as a person like them. Instead of being one you will be OTHERIZED. Psychopaths use…

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Stop Robbing Americans


donald-trump a

I am calling on Donald Trump to make an appeal to American businesses to STOP using unethical Business Practices in order to take advantage of Citizens. When a business adopts an unethical strategy in order to acquire more money than it has earned it becomes NORMAL. Other companies can’t compete & survive unless they benchmark the same strategy. If they refuse to do the unethical things, they go out of business. This creates a leveraging of businesses against the consumer. It is a Tragedy of the Commons and an unacceptable form of Creeping Normality.

We need to make a Black List of illegitimate business practices and expose companies that are using them in order to take advantage of the American populace. Hit them in them where it hurts, in the wallet.

  • Hospitals double-billing.

  • Non-Itemized Pay Checks

  • Non-Itemized Bills

  • Lack of Transparency

  • Confusing, Sophisticated, Legal Jargon

  • Do I need to…

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The Twin Tablets of Rational Relationship


surplus deficit

The First Tablet

In the Rational Relationship that I teach I ask every person on the Path to make two lists. The first list is the Resources & Skills that you have a Surplus of that you can offer to other people as a form of payment in your Reciprocal Interactions that create positive value. Everyone has a surplus of something. Because you possess a lot of it the value is diminished for you so sometimes you are aware of that surplus. Another person, however, might greatly esteem that which you have too much of.

This surplus can be your time, skills or knowledge that you possess, etc. Some people might even have a surplus of money and they might be willing to pay for certain services and skills if money is something that you have a lack of.

The Second Tablet

Tablet number 2 should be a list of Experiences &…

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