The last conversation I had with James before he ended up in jail for carjacking and vehicular homicide was about a latin phrase I had created.  “Nihilo necesare sequitur.”  I had decided that the world is irrational.  I am not even sure that relationship is possible.  Ironic that shortly after that he made national news.

Think about it this way, there is no rational path to what you want anymore.  America is no longer a meritocracy and I don’t know that the world ever was.  It is so much harder to do good in the world and you can work hard, struggle, not make any mistakes and at the last second some idiotic douchebag for no reason whatsoever decides to slap the ice cream out of your mouth.  It is much easier to destroy than to build.

Shit stains and supernovas.  What do they have in common?  Nothing, but now they are in the same sentence and you read them.  The mind immediately starts looking for some relationship, some narrative.  We don’t remember things rationally, I know, I studied mnemonics.

We all make teleological judgements, we think that this or that should happen next. I do this, you do this, but it isn’t true.  I could give a bus driver a candy bar and at that moment he could decide that the universe is telling him that he needs to eradicate cockapoos from the planet.  Likewise sequences of events communicate experiential data to us.  In the book “click” it was demonstrated through a test that people feel more positively affectionate and sympathetic to a person based entirely on how frequently they interacted with one another.  Popularity on college campuses was based mainly on how close your room was to the center of campus.  Other tests confirmed this result.

As wise king Solomon said, “The fool gathers together but it is the wise man that enjoys.”  Remember this, you have to enjoy the path.  Treat the path as the destination and enjoy the journey, don’t worry about getting to the end.  Like Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita,  “you have the rights to your actions, not the fruits of your actions.”  And Aristotle said, “happiness is that which you do for no other reason.”  Take my advice, enjoy doing what you do and don’t look for any other reward.  Don’t pursue the byproduct, be absorbed in the quality execution of the action.



Lynn:  Before we get started I would like to point out that this Greek piece of literature is usually translated as Oedipus Rex instead of Tyrannous the Latin root for tyrant because back in that time it didn’t have the connotation it has now.  The “tyrant” was the popular ruler, so tyrannous is probably the best translation although Rex is the most common.   The question that I have for you is why did Sigmund Freud choose to base his entire psychological system on a Greek play? 
Joxua:  To say that Oedipus Tyrannous is just a play doesn’t do it justice.  This play has deep insights into the human condition.  I am not like other scholars in thinking that we are wiser than the ancients if anything I feel that in some ways we are stupider when it comes to people and relationship.  Human beings are intelligent objects so we find that truths about humans and groups of humans are constantly changing and unreliable, what is true today is patently false tomorrow.  Much more intelligent patterns evolve from humans than through objects or unintelligent objects or phenomenon.  Today we are insulated from relationship just as we are distracted from it so our understanding of human nature and of ourselves has been diminished as it is not as useful to us as it was to the ancients.  Oedipus Rex is predictive and descriptive of patterns in human relationship.  
Lynn:  That is brilliant.  Could you deconstruct for us the symbolism in the play and the hidden subjects and meanings?  
Joxua:  I would love to.  To start with Oedipus is found to be unfit for survival, as was the Greek tradition he was left exposed to the elements on the side of a hill as part of a post natal abortion.  “Oedipus” probably means gimpy leg which is why he was left to die, he was malformed.  He was rescued and raised by a goat herd and one day for some reason he runs into his father, who tries to kill him and he accidentally kills his father not knowing that it is his father.  Athens is being cursed by the gods and the Queen offers a reward for anyone that can answer the riddle of the sphinx, Oedipus says why the fuck not, my life has not been great up to this moment, maybe I will win the lottery.  
The sphinx asks him 3 questions which he is curiously predisposed to answer because of his physical flaw.  The question is “What walks on all fours as a child, 2 legs in the prime of life, and 3 legs in old age?”  the answer is mankind, this also shows us that the play itself is about the plight of mankind.  So Oedipus saves the day and he is the cause of the good, the queen, his mom, now without a king has weakened influence over her kingdom and so she needs to marry someone that will make her rule more popular with the people.  Oedipus is the most popular man in the kingdom and so obviously she marries him and he has no better option than being king so he accepts.  He ends up having children with his mother and eventually Athens falls into disfavor with the gods again, and is again in need of being saved.  
Once again Oedipus sets out to see if he can save Athens from the disfavor of the gods and what he finds out is that HE is himself the cause of the plagues on Athens.  He killed his father which is called a blood crime and the furies existed to torment people who killed family members because that was one of the worst crimes imaginable.  Not to mention he had committed incest with his mother.  Of more interest was that everything he had done had been perfectly logical and he had no way of knowing at the time that he was doing something wrong, being self interested and wanting to survive and live a good life and accepting the best options that were available to him.  The entire thing was orchestrated by Providence, it was pre-ordained, and he was being blamed for it, punished for it, and not just him but all of Athens was being punished for his sins.  Whereas before he was the cause of the good, now he was the cause of the bad because he had been the cause of the good.  All he could do now to ameliorate the situation was to exile himself from his home, which he does but he also plucks out his eyes and wanders the earth sightless so he doesn’t have to observe the insanity of the human condition anymore.  
lynn:  Whoa, that is gnarley!   




Furthermore, I don’t aspire to being normal and I never intend to be normal if I can help it.  In India there is a practice of “transgressive sacrality” it is used to remove ones feelings of superiority and self righteousness.  One does something despicable like eating poop or some flesh from a rotting corpse that floated by in the Ganges.  It is a particularly harsh form of yoga but the reasoning behind it is sound philosophically speaking, and I was trained to be a jnani guru.  Jnana is the yoga of philosophy.  Associated with the ajna. 

See puritanical pursuits are obsessive compulsive, they are unaware of the law of diminished returns.  Beyond a certain point purity becomes a disease.  One feels that oneself is clean and the world is contemptuous and disgusting, that one is too good for the world.  You expend more energy being clean than you derive benefit from it.  

Raising the bar on purity issues has always been a way of excluding the lower classes or non caste.  “see they are not like us, we are clean and they are like animals”.  Everybody must attain at least this level of cleanliness to be sanctioned and everyone below that level is excluded.  The funny thing is this perspective is unsustainable.  Think about places like Iran and Egypt where muslims all consider themselves too good to pick up their own filth.  In Iran they bring in abid from somalia, that’s right, dark skinned slaves.  In Egypt they let the pigs eat the garbage they leave on the street.  Muslims recently used the “swine flu” as a reason for getting rid of the pigs to force their way on all the other religions, but people started getting sick because the garbage was rotting in the street, so the pigs had to be brought back.  

Jesus apparently got kicked out of India for the same thing that he got in trouble for with the Jewish religious leaders, hob knobbing with the hoi polloi.  he would grab grains of wheat when walking through the fields and rub them with his hands and eat them because he and his disciples were hungry.  The pharisees said, “YOU ARE WORKING ON THE SABBATH!  YOU DIDN’T WASH YOUR HANDS UP TO YOUR ELBOWS!”  To which J-bone responded, “The sabbath was made for man, so he wouldn’t have to slave seven days a week, man was not created to observe the sabbath.” 

Human beings have a cognitive bias known as normatizing.  We arrogantly assume that what is normal from our perspective is also good.  We judge tacitly from analogy thinking that other people should be like us and think like us.  Pure environments are uncreative environments because they are judgement rich environments.  That means that everybody is afraid that they will cross the line and offend someone.  But every year we more pure which is to say we become more sensitive.  people are thin-skinned and they win by getting offended, which means nobody can do anything.  

I have all these Persian neighbors that have recently moved in and they have brought with them their normative judgements that dogs, alcohol, bad language, sexuality and just about everything else that makes life enjoyable is bad.  We need to lower the bar in the community area.  If you don’t like it stay home.  We aren’t supposed to have the streets filled with judgemental, thin-skinned babies running around wagging their fingers and pecker-slapping people with their stupid judgements.  The house is for the babies, stay your judgemental ass home.  Stop forcing your judgements on everyone around you.  Peoples judgements almost never tell us anything useful about the world and everything about their world.  

The last time I checked this was still America and our founding fathers guaranteed us the freedom to pursue our own happiness.  We used to have positive freedoms and now we only have negative freedoms.  You have the right to get offended and have an authority champion your butthurt like the little pussy you are and every time you do so you give away some of your freedom, some of your power.  you are paying for the structures of authority to police you and others.  They are there to protect and serve not to take the beer out of your hands in your hot tub.  

If you can be offended, you need to be offended.  I use transgressive sacrality in my stand up comedy routines for this reason.  Help me lower the bar.  I also use Masculine Communication Rituals.  You might have noticed my abrasive style.  That is there for a reason.  That is how real men think.  that is what it sounds like inside their heads.  The masculine voice is being squelched, strangled, banished in America, but it is going to make a rather quick come back, mark my words. 



I am an actual chef and cooks don’t use recipes.  Recipes are for non chefs.  It is beneath me to put portion sizes for the ingredients since I never make the same recipe exactly the same way.  I always include an element of experimentation.  But here is my recipe….

  • hard boiled eggs
  • tahini or tahini sauce (this recipe assumes you are using tahini)
  • diced red onion
  • salt
  • lemon juice

That is the bare bones of it.  It tastes surprisingly like egg salad in texture and flavor.  You can experiment with it and add other ingredients, spices, maybe dill.   Remember alchemy started in the kitchen!  Have some fun!  🙂




Pleasantness Fallacy:  The assertion or tacit bias that something that is unpleasant can be dismissed because it is unpleasant.  It comes from a childish perspective, a person incapable of dealing with reality, which is apriorily delusional.  It precludes the sometimes necessary communication of negative emotional data to attract the attention of another to a possibly dangerous error or discrepancy.  

One of the problems with female communication rituals is that there is no pleasant way to tell an idiot that they are an idiot.  The act of telling an idiot that they are an idiot requires certain negative emotional data.  If they knew that they were an idiot chances are you would not have to tell them.  FCR doesn’t allow for the communication of the negative emotional data that is necessary to convey the meaning.  By their very nature, idiots don’t know that they are idiots, they need some person or some event to tell them in no uncertain terms that they are stupid. 

One of the cognitive biases that people have is that every single thing that doesn’t directly antagonize their perception of reality proves it to themselves.  For some reason we think in america that it is a virtue to back down from insane people and stupid people and let them have their way.  I disagree.  They refer to this as “being the bigger man.”  I am not the bigger man, I am very, very, small.  Not in the ways that count just for the sake of being argumentitive.

I don’t want to live in a world where you can be in incorrect, douchebag pleasantly but you can’t speak the truth if it is unpleasant.  Where you can be covertly hostile but you can’t be hostile, where you can be passive aggressive but you can’t be aggressive.  Ponder this, if unreasonable people behaved reasonably and reasonable people behaved unreasonably, the world would be a perfect place where the most value was created for everyone.  But instead unreasonable people act unreasonably and reasonable people act reasonably.  It sucks.  Every day I wake up and feel that the world has become a stupider place to live. 

On a closing note, the first time I saw the movie idiocracy I did not realize it was supposed to be prophetic….


America: the Most Feminine Country in the World.



People ask me how I can possibly think that America is the most feminine country in the world when we are bombarded constantly how it is suffering from too much masculinity.  Well I stand by my assertion and for the serious minded person who asks this question I will try to make my position clear.  Civilization, the very root of the word comes from Chevalier or knight, through proto-indo-european this concept moved west into Europe and then into the United States.  What we know as civilization was an environment championed BY men FOR women.  That is why the feminine control is concealed.  I wrote on this topic before for lynn marie le’s blog.  There I demonstrate how the mind of the psychopath and women do not do things for themselves that they might not want to take credit for. 

The fact of the matter is that this western practice of white knighting or championing a feminine cause for token of their affection whether won or not but concealing the affection that they feel for the object of the affection.  Women presuppose a pleasant environment and a pleasant environment is not a natural environment it is an artificial environment.  Anybody that would like to contest that can go into outerspace without a suit or take a time machine back to the dinosaur age.  Fuck, the plants would kill you because even they were macho back in the day.  imagine that, getting your ass kicked by a plant… 

Anyway, back to my point.  Women need to take responsibility for the state of the country as much as men if not more so.  Allow myself to show yourself something.

Stages of courtly love[edit source | editbeta]

(Adapted from Barbara Tuchman[41])

  • Attraction to the lady, usually via eyes/glance
  • Worship of the lady from afar
  • Declaration of passionate devotion
  • Virtuous rejection by the lady
  • Renewed wooing with oaths of virtue and eternal fealty
  • Moans of approaching death from unsatisfied desire (and other physical manifestations of lovesickness)
  • Heroic deeds of valor which win the lady’s heart
  • Consummation of the secret love
  • Endless adventures and subterfuges avoiding detection

This need of women to be seduced, to be the object of desire, it edits the consideration set of the relationship in a certain way.  If the woman needs to be pursued she will only consider the men that pursue here, she takes no responsibility for having good taste, discerning who is the better man, and staying in relationship with him.  Which means, because of the way she edits her consideration set, she predisposes herself to being manipulated by psychopaths.  not only that but in the U.S. were we are becoming every day more of a psychopathic society it is directly linked to the way women go about relationship and make choices.  Women compete with other women, they use the comparison set like this, “well sue got this much from a man so I deserve more than that if not the same!”  and she goes out to prove to herself that her poon is as precious as Sue’s poon.

Why instead do we not think that women should have good taste and should make a concerted effort to get with a good man?  Psychopaths are manipulative, and the way in which women are going about relationship strategically and feeding their egos is creating a disparate impact in favor of psychopathic men.  Other men see the psychopath being rewarded and because of the acquisitive mimesis of human nature, the start to copy the strategies of the psychopathic male.

Personally I don’t pursue women.  I am not attracted to women that think they are beautiful.  If they think their superficial beauty increases their perceived value they don’t know me and they are not looking for me and they aren’t worthy of me.  I like homey, natural women that are true to their instincts, I let them know I am attracted to them and they give me a straight up and down, they don’t communicate strategically to leverage themselves or act like they are not attracted to make me feel like I am less sexy than I am.  Western women have an uncanny ability to be false to their instincts.  I have observed women that will not date a man that is more attractive than themselves, or smarter than themselves.  They will not enter a relationship with a man unless they get to wear the pants. 

We need a masculine voice that is critical of women, we have more than enough casual misandry and every day that goes by it is more and more taboo to say ANYTHING critical of women especially if it is true.  I am going to start writing down my psychology and philosophy I have witnessed and created based on psycholinguistics and psychology and analytical philosophy and my personal theories on relationship, EQUITY IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIP, AND SHARED STATE THEORY OF COMMUNICATION.

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