Uma Thurman and her Father.


Freedom of speech.


Freedom of speech.

Repression results in perverted expression.

VVV  positive freedom of democracy vs. the negative freedom of socialism.

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Phony, fake, facetious, fulsome, facades,

two-faced, insincere, sarcastic, cynical.

This humiliating redundant insult called life,

the long, tedious, denigrating anal rape of reason,

the cheerful prostitution of the intellect.

This is a living death, nothing to be a part of,

nothing to live for, nothing to die for.

We are all allowed to be just barely alive,

you can have a little stuff so that THEY 

can threaten to take it away if you don’t behave.

I am the most wanted criminal

the Thought Police want me dead,

because I am alive.

Why do we still consider it a virtue to crap forth life?

When the world is this over populated?

Feed all of the starving children today,

and their will be a million more tomorrow.

Perseveration of crazy people,

rewarding failure,

punishing success…



The Prince


Women are only necessary to have in your life if you intend to pass on your genetic material to the next generation other than that they will cause you more problems than you can tolerate and confuse your ability to think correctly.  The peculiar nature of the female mind acts like a parasite around the male mind.  Women do not participate with reason, they do not recognize the authority of reason, they recognize reason as a hostile foreign will.  If you have attained to wisdom they will try to confuse you and change you with their constant nagging, whining, and henpecking.

Not communicating women assume and expect your participation, communicating they do not come to an agreement, agreeing they do not act, and in acting they do not remember.  Women can’t lead and they refuse to follow.  Completely unaware of their results and themselves and the reason for their…

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