Deconstructing for Value


My philosophy is about maximizing value and being efficient with value.  My psychology is about deconstructing for value based on my models.  Every event, everything said, every interaction creates value for someone.  What I do is deconstruct the event, narrative, action, or thought process to discover who it created value for and who it depreciated to see if it created a psychopathic, a sociopathic or a rational process.  It is most meaningful to do this with specific instances and those are the very instances that people project their issues onto and get the most offended at.  Which doesn’t make my models less correct, it actually makes them more correct.  What you have to remember is that everything that I post more or less is part of the same integrated model and comes from the same perspective and philosophy.


Above is an example of two narratives, that of my ex-gf and that of my own.  It demonstrates her narrative based on her behavior and the direction in which she argues.  I have been honest about what I am looking for and I have communicated before hand what I am willing to do and willing to exchange.  I wanted to teach her my positive rational way of relating to people and she agreed she wanted to learn it.  In fact it is the only type of relationship I am open to because in every other relationship we have failed and we have always done it the other person’s way.  She will do something for me and then expect to be reciprocated in the way she wants without having an agreement ahead of time, and then when I remind her that what she is trying to buy from me has never been on the table and I have always let her know that, she has a hissy fit.  So we see she is trying to passive aggressively force her relationship on me and manipulate me into participating with it.  These are all psychopathic processes and unsustainable, they are unconscious and normative.  Normative meaning she wants an irrational relationship with me that looks correct to her and looks normal and therefore good to the outside world.  It is also the very relationship that I would rather kill myself than be in because I can’t be myself and express myself in a normal relationship which is also a stupid and irrational relationship.  Furthermore, if I am not allowed to be myself in a relationship it isn’t really a relationship for me is it?




Probably the most egregious modern subterfuge affecting not only the United States but the world was the sub prime mortgage drop out.  Every act of theft in an economy, in a monetary unit effects all of the money in that economy.  So it behooves everybody to prevent acts of theft especially on the scale of the drop out.  Greed caused it in the form of the banks making money by getting Americans mortgages that they couldn’t afford with the reasoning that the house couldn’t lose.  If people default the bank owns the house.  The banks eagerly started foreclosing and jacking up everybody else’s mortgage to compensate for the other mortgages being defaulted on.  They thought that they would own all of the property, but they never contemplated who they would get to live in those houses when all of America had been ejected from their homes, and in their greed it never dawned on them that maybe a trickle of money is better than the cessation of flow of money all together.

See, money is the life blood of the economy, when it stops moving through the veins the economy has a heart attack.  I refer to this type of conquest as “winning against relationship”, it is a stupid and unsustainable form of victory, you depreciate someone in the relationship and expect them to stay in the relationship when they don’t have an incentive to do so.  American people are just going to keep getting screwed and abused, which has proven to be the case since that moment.  It is a psychopathic process to not act if you should be doing it but to be asking “can I get away with it”.

To add insult to injury, the corporations that nearly toppled all of the financial institutions on the planet in their colossal greed, doing everything for only their own benefit, got bailed out entirely by the american people the one’s that got screwed in the first place.  Oh, and they also got a bonus for screwing us so well.  It marked a transition from America the Republic to America the Fascist Corporate Oligarchy.

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” ~founding father Thomas Jefferson



ZENTAO, the Philosophy of the ZED the Final Civilization…


the meditations of Shivastus Solomonicus from the Last Organon

As I observed the world falling apart in it’s last years I reflected on my almost 1,000 years of life and the Wisdom that I had accumulated and I aspired to save the cream of the human race from being dragged down by the dregs.  It occurred to me that the mental faculties of the human should be perfected and their actions harmonized with their sapiens and not their emotions.  Just as in Martial Artistry one removes any form of resistance to oneself in order to move speedily and efficiently for one’s own survival and just like in philosophy one tests one’s soul for self-referential inconsistencies and removes them this process must be emulated and repeated everywhere.

Action should be bound to reason and not to emotion.  Emotion causes sympathy, charity, mercy, doubt.  It was sympathy for stupidity and failure that caused the downfall of earth, and the destruction of the greatest hope on the planet for mankind.  There should be no sympathy with error, we should not reward failure, we should not punish success.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

Does this not create disparate impact in favor of the needy?  Does this pattern not make failure a virtue?  Take into account the acquisitively mimetic nature of the human animal. Will the worst among them not copy the behaviors that they see being rewarded?  until the few that have genius and create value are enslaved by the ignorant and gluttonous?

Perfecting one’s reason and soul and constantly testing it against one’s results in reality, one should not hesitate or doubt to act on the good that one perceives.  One should immediately act on what one knows to be good and true.  Ignorant and emotional people don’t hesitate to act on stupidity and evil why does reason hesitate?  Why does evil have it’s way in the world and righteousness begs for its existence?  If reasonable people were unreasonable in action and unreasonable people reasonable in action the world would be perfect.  Why is the venom of the 3 serpents of doubt, cynicism and sarcasm not turned on themselves, let these serpents eat themselves.  Purveyors of unwisdom and Worshipers of anti logic, forcing people who have earned their rewards to squander them on others that have failed.  Why do the failures not make themselves like those that are succeeding?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. ~Maimonides


Which is the greater gift?  the greater charity?  If I reward failure do I not have more failure in the world?  in the future?  If I open a Keg of Barley Wine and throw sugar into it does it not awaken its appetite and come alive and explode?

No, this will not do, the mercy and the charity of the mother doesn’t extend to a grown adult.  Previous cultures limited the authority of women to a certain age and then after that the child was under the authority of the father.  The father cured the emotional and mental diseases and made him acceptable to the world, initiating him into reality, just as the umbilical cord is removed mercy and charity have their limits and do not extend to psychosis and the right to be insane.  It is an appalling abomination to see a grown person who still reasons as a child and appeals to mercy and charity, and these people should not have equal voices.

The son should act on the father’s wisdom, not appeal to the mother’s mercy.  Nothing else is sustainable.  When survival is easy people forget this simple principle.  Easy living is the exception not the rule.  Everything becomes clear when the need to survive is present.  Nature and the Universe are not pleasant places, and pleasant environments are created, they are temporary and artificial and they depend on people working together in harmony and reason participating towards the same end.  You don’t allow thieves to enter and plunder all of the good that you have created.

Knighted or Sainted?


from the Lingayat of Shivastus Solomonicus


















Your Horse Sh** Escapes You, Sir!


Your horse shit escapes you, sir!

If this was a race between your intellect and your horse shit, the horse shit would be leading by a league.

Fascinating isn’t it?  That which is the slowest part of the horse is fleeter of foot than the fastest part of your reason?

Even now my nostrils cringe, my sinuses singed by the offensive odor of arrogant ignorance.

A wrathful spirits attacks the senses, you didn’t give wing to a thesis, you gave flight to a feces.

You are a veritable Mercurial Twit, in the battle of wits the unarmed man must submit to the one armed man.

Yet still these persist, these Serpents of Unwisdom, these Servants of Anti Logic,

Whore shipping their god of Unreason.  Rife with the pestilence of their Whore Moans being all out of wack.

Sentimental thinkers, reality warped by their emotions and addictions to their emotional ideas.

Strong in the disease and weak in health, they prostitute their reason to Normatization, Popular opinion.

Hiding their light they disappear into the herd.

Inoculating themselves to the cure and infecting themselves with the disease.

Intellectual faggotry and armchair philosophy are the rules of the day.

Divorced from the consequences, ignorant of the results, they march on oblivious to the reality

that they are their own worst enemy, they are sowing the seeds of their own demise, and they shall reap what they sow.

Hoist with their own petard, they invigorate their guard and fortify their grasp on their own failure, which cannot be

wrenched from their kung fu grip.  They WILL have their just deserts, gazpacho of justice, a dish best served cold.

Teleological Error

Thought Technology


There is no way to pleasantly tell an idiot that they are an idiot without communicating Negative Emotional Data.  Nature wouldn’t even attempt to do so, it would just kill you.  The first actor in the relationship of mutual depreciation is the person who is wrong and who doesn’t want to acknowledge their failure.  This is why in science you have to retract assertions that have proven incorrect.  In the scenario above the person who doesn’t recognize the authority of reason and participate with it causes the problem by not being able to detect their own horse shit and not being willing to correct it and participate with reason.  As long as they are protecting their error they are responsible for the entire argument as long as the other person doesn’t over react.  But since they were not smart enough to detect their own error they don’t get to be…

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Rational Praxicism, or Ratiocracy/Logocracy, My Philosophy.


So, how would I describe my philosophy?  It is impossible to sum up in one post, I have spent years studying this old philosophical relationship and the processes in it. Literally everything I say and do is based on this relationship which has been forgotten in this day and age.  Never heard of.  There is so much intellectual crap and prancing intellectual buggery floating around out there.  Even when people hear my philosophy and think to themselves, “That sounds good.”  They turn around and do the opposite, because they are using a normative bias, and haven’t learned to detect logical fallacies that they are making.  

The only way I can teach this relationship is as a type of guru with an ashram or philosopher with a gymnasium.  It has to be shown, it can’t be told, because people are terrible at detecting their own horse shit.  This is a type of relationship in which people only relate to others rationally and positively keeping their judgments to themselves.  Your resources do your will, you prehend your resources.  You have earned them they are yours.  I can’t take your resources and use them against your will.  Taxation without representation. 

Not only does a person focus on creating value for others in the community, they focus on doing so in a rational way.  The most rational person gets his way, the most rational argument wins.  Everyone in the community is a philosopher king and is working on increasing his understanding.  Nobody is above the law of reason, and everybody submits to it.  If it can’t be proven it can’t be argued.  This prevents the type of intellectual faggotry that adopts a philosophy and then is successful in spite of it, which means that you are dragging the philosophy along, you are not applying the philosophy, you are championing it and proselytizing it.  Your success should be directly related to your philosophy, your philosophy is your soul, and your sword and your word.  If you discover you are wrong your amend your philosophy and your behavior.  

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses of the word Praxis, see Praxis (disambiguation).
So, I tried to do a kind of semantic clarification in which praxis—if not on the thither side of this divide—was perhaps somehow between the theoretical and the practical as they are generally understood, and particularly as they are understood in modern philosophy. Praxis as the manner in which we are engaged in the world and with others has its own insight or understanding prior to any explicit formulation of that understanding…Of course, it must be understood that praxis, as I understand it, is always entwined with communication.
 —Calvin O. Schrag[1]

Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realised. “Praxis” may also refer to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practicing ideas. This has been a recurrent topic in the field of philosophy, discussed in the writings of PlatoAristotleSt. AugustineImmanuel KantSøren KierkegaardKarl MarxMartin HeideggerHannah ArendtPaulo Freire,Ludwig von Mises, and many others. It has meaning in the political, educational, and spiritual realms.

It is also important to note that because of the nature of Moral Authority and its constant habit of usurping Sapiential Authority by making emotional appeals certain guards are created for preventing the passive aggressive take over of this pattern which eventually, universally, creates the degradation of all good systems.  Processes and patterns that aren’t logical and can’t be defended logically fly in the face of reason to repeatedly destroy all of the good that was created.  Everybody, man or woman must respect the authority of reason and if they can’t defend their position rationally with rational means they are not allowed to speak.  You don’t get to argue that one person or group must spend their resources on another person or group, this thwarts meritocracy.  If you want to be merciful and charitable you do so with your own resources and your fate and reputation are tied to those that you are helping and you are responsible for their actions.  If you want to own slaves, you are responsible for them and you don’t get to use your sentimental arguments to obfuscate or caste doubt or stumble reasonable discourse on its path.  In order to be a citizen you have to be equal to the task.  There is no freedom while their is ignorance.


Everyone in the society has their personal responsibilities, what would be power if it were extracted from them in the form of a law or structure of authority to serve them.  This would then attract psychopaths which would use that authority as power.  The point is to have a democracy amongst philosopher kings, Warrior philosophers.  Only when you have equality amongst genii can you unleash the highest common good.  When you have the false forced equality of making an irresponsible, social climbing, acquisitive, idiot the equal of a philosopher king, you have sabotaged yourself and your way of life.  Psychopaths ruin all of the good by refusing to understand and participate.  Should a person not accept their responsibilities their power must be given back to them forcefully or they must not be allowed to benefit from the surplus of value created by this type of relationship.  The quality of life is created by the philosophy itself, and the immigrants to this philosophy who do not adopt it and apply it are there for no other reason but to benefit themselves without contributing value, more value than they consume.  


Holy Trinity of the Psyche

Esoteric Repository

Holy Trinity of the Psyche

Lynn: Most people don’t know that you have your own psychology and philosophy that you created.  A portion of what you do is something called philology which most people have never heard of and what you have done in your research is made a concerted effort to understand the perspective of the ancient super genii,  the people that created the myth and the religions.  What you attempted to do and succeeded in doing was understand what they were trying to communicate to us.  People that believe themselves to be religious or Christians are neither in the true sense because they didn’t understand what was being communicated to them as Manley Palmer Hall said “A man will not reproduce without corruption that which he has not comprehended”  One of your psychological systems that you have created was shared state theory of communication which states that whatever…

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