Here is the thing, if when you wear spandex it looks like a garbage bag full of oatmeal under pressure then obviously that garment was not intended for you.  So do us all a favor and choose something a little less revealing, I don’t know, like a burqa.  It seems obvious to me that is who they were made for. 

This is also unacceptable…. and you are probably losing circulation and you might eventually need to have your butt amputated. 





Here in America we love to make people wrong, and once they are wrong they have to go away and shut up and their opinion in invalid.  If it’s not pleasant its not true and you can’t say it.  It presupposes that a series of pleasant events leads to a desirable conclusion.  Personally I feel that there is no pleasant way to tell an idiot that they are in idiot.  If they knew then they wouldn’t be an idiot, but idiots don’t know that they are idiots.  Somebody has to tell them and that telling is going to be unpleasant but its better than dashing your brains out of the cliff of reality.


In a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, who is going to save us when none of us are good enough to lead and everybody refuses to follow or to participate with reason?  Sigmond Freud is no longer a father of modern psychology, because he was too unapologetically masculine and he said and did some mean things, it isn’t just that he doesn’t get credit they want to remove him from all of the text books as if he never existed.  Don’t you understand this is not a solution this is the problem.  It is not the mistakes that people have made or their terrible personalities IT IS WHAT THEY DO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE THAT NOBODY ELSE CAN DO. 

We have a prejudice in this country against genius, against winning, we despise our own talent, we ignore it, we try to get away from it, we feel thwarted that we can’t compete with it.  As though awesomeness is a finite resource and someone else is using too much of it.  If Americans aren’t good enough to run this country who is?

The melting pot is broken.  When I was a kid there were Mexican girls standing in line to knock my junk around, now all these bloated heifers look with disdain at me as if they are too good for me, in my own country.  We let foreigners walk all over us.  Every culture that came to this country got jumped in.  We indoctrinated them into our culture, just like the Greeks did in the gymnasium.  Now these people come to our country because they want to enjoy our way of life but they don’t want to adopt our values and they bring their stupid prejudices and judgments with them and they presuppose their moral authority over us  and their right to judge us!  False forced equality, with things that are not equal.  We act like Cesar Chavez never existed.

Why is this happening?  Stupid American women and their need to dominate, emasculate, and control men, and all of the gomers, special interests, and bitch-move artists that support them.  They have this double standard where they will accept behavior from foreigners that they won’t tolerate from American men.  Other cultures are allowed to be tribal and creepy and its ok for them because it is their culture.  It is ok for a Mexican guy to cock block for his sister.  It is ok for Persian guys to sleep with all of the american sluts while at the same time the worst possible offense would be that an American man made it with one of their ladies.  Because from their perspective that is a travesty because their women are special and ours are whores.  Stop apologizing for your culture with your vaginas women.  You are not an ambassador to foreign nations and those 5 Arabs you let bang you don’t respect America more, Oh, and that word that they are using as they are giggling and hi-5ing each other, “sharmouta”  that means Whore.  American women you are not part of the solution, you are the problem.  Keep your stupid judgments to yourself and get your ass back in the kitchen.  Leave politics to us men.




I never thought that world war III would be a psychological game of chess.  Manipulating the masses to see who is more popular.  I give it up to Putin for being a marketing genius.  He is actually beating America at her own game.  The thing with the homosexuals was brilliant, I couldn’t tell if he did it intentionally at first, the image of a bus of gay people getting torn into, there is now a group of Americans that feel more akin to Russian politics than American politics, and now his blocking of the President and being the voice of reason.  Iowahawk put it succinctly when he said that “Putin is doing donuts in Obama’s front lawn.”

Here is the thing, the Neo-cons took credit for the collapse of Russia by funding the Afghanies and getting Russia to over invest in its military.  Did all Russians die?  No, the economy was temporarily upset but Russians are a strong people used to having a difficult life, and now they are back.  The Neo cons turned around and what did they do?  They got us involved in a land war in Afghanistan where we are hemorrhaging money and on the brink of collapse.  Why so smart neo cons?

Consider for a moment the attitude of such people as Samuel Adams.  This is what patriotism used to sound like.  Now people that are proud of their country must whimper in their hearts instead of shouting in the streets.  When you are expected to apologize every day because you are an American.  When you aren’t allowed to pick up the banner of your own country and nobody else will.  They just want you to leave your flag in the dirt while they tread on it.  Helping themselves to the quality of life that was created by the genius and hard work of your founding fathers, to create a country free from the tyranny of big business, and the tyranny of the stupid majority, and the tyranny of special interests.  How did their love of freedom become so thwarted?  Why are we as Americans so weak now?  Is it not because we are not taught civics?  We are not taught to understand why the founding fathers created what they did, so how can we protect it?  How do we recognize our enemies?

“A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.”
― Samuel Adams

“All might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they should.”
― Samuel Adams

“Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that all persons employed in places of power and trust must be men of unexceptionable characters.”
― Samuel Adams

“Nil desperandum, — Never Despair. That is a motto for you and me. All are not dead; and where there is a spark of patriotic fire, we will rekindle it.”
― Samuel Adams


A little about the meaning of the communist flag.  The image you see above is not technically communist because it has no star.  This is in a way a pagan symbol and in another way a stylized shivalingam.  Men do the building.  Women do the harvesting.  This is a sustainable way of life.  Close to the earth.  When survival is easy you have feminine virtues and it is easy to be corrupt and perverted.  When survival is hard masculine virtues dominate.  Things make sense.

They refer to white people as Caucasians the word derives from Caucasus, and the Caucasus mountains are in, thats right you guessed it Russia.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasus  The Russians know more about the Persians, and the Muslims and the Pakistanis, and the Afghanis and the Chinese than any of us, because they have grown up around them.  Why is it that stupid Americans with their feminine judgments thinking about what is and is not pleasant always want to stick our fingers in other peoples pies without thinking of the consequences.  When we destroy other countries based on our whim and our superficial aesthetic snap decisions presupposing our own moral superiority over others to judge and punish without any discussion with the people that will actually be affected by the interference and have to deal with the aftermath.  Evolution doesn’t subscribe to a feminine narrative.  A series of pleasant events doesn’t make the world a better place to live.

There are the Fuckers and the Fuckees.  Nature rewards the Fuckers.  Stop perverting the natural order.  Stop rewarding failure.  Rain doesn’t fall up.  Time doesn’t move backwards.




According to the Dalai lama the highest form of Buddha is Samantabhadra.  That is because he is the Buddha of creation.  Tantric asanas are the relationship between the man and the woman, how is the man in relationship with the woman during the act of creation.  This creates a flow of manifestational energy.  Energy flows from the man to the woman and it takes a shape that becomes the child or the sex transmutation.


The word yoked or yoga means to become one with.  Tantra is a language that can only be spoken by two people at the same time.  The characters in the alphabet have to be pronounced by two bodies in extacy.  Kata, Hatha, characters, those are the forms the shapes the letters of a language, tantric asanas are also the letters of a language.  

Sex is life affirming.  There is a repulsive and evil movement in spiritualism to assert that women are spiritual and men are not.  This movement attempts to marginalize the spirituality of men and demonize them making women the sole cause of the good.  There is no greater good than a man being sexually satisfied because this creates value for everyone, women only concern themselves with creating value for themselves and children and anybody weaker than themselves that is dependant on them.  So if you only attempt to create value for women then you will not create value for everybody in society.  There is a perverted, distorted, and a childish lesbian mentality that perceives any sexual interaction between a man and a woman as an act of violence against the woman.

Attention is a form of shakti, the ability to seduce one’s attention and focus it is a masculine trait, it is a flaunting of evolutionary prowess, like the peacock with his beautiful feathers.  Why are you interested in what you are interested in?  Your turiya state, your true self, looks out of you in the form of your interest.

Jing is the essence of life in Taoist sex tantra and it is harvested and increased in the act of sex. In the united states most of the Reiki practitioners  are all women and most of them lesbians that are these “reiki masters”.  Some of them have managed to accumulate some jing which is the physical manifestation if Shen, or spirit.  But in the original white tigress sex tao it was harvested in the act of sex from young men.  Jing is likened to a spring buck.  But all of these things have to be kept secret now because all of the sensitive babies are so easily offended.

It is a little known fact that the reason that the Sabbath was observed at the time that it was is it marked the meeting of the sacred masculine and feminine that were the deities the presided over the days Friday and Saturday.  That was the first concept of a weekend so you didn’t have to work 7 days a week until you were dead.  It is customary on the Sabbath to get drunk and roger your wife.










Hello students of the Mysteries, this is Noah Socrates speaking to your from the Akashic Repository via the tepaphone, let those of you that have ears listen.  Today we are not going to scry or move through history as we usually do but I am going to tell you of an event that I remember back when I was on earth with my beloved Guru and friend frater Shivastus Solomonicus.  Sometimes he would get so enthusiastic that he would blurt out occult secrets and expose that he had personally influenced events in history.  He would incriminate himself with guilty knowledge that only a certain historical personage had known.  

This one time the subject of King Arthur came up which provoked babaji to start going into this story about how Excalibur had been the name of Arthurs first sword and he had broken it by using it dishonorably.  Babaji then explained that the name of the second sword was PRAXIS.  Everyone was dumbfounded, mouths agape.  Many of his students were fluent with the subject of Arthurian Mysticism and diligent students of those  mysteries, and none of them had ever heard that before.  It wasn’t hard to figure out that Babaji being 900 and some years old had something personally to do with King Arthur.  He had accidentally shown his hand.  

A frantic discussion began in the Zed to find out exactly what his relationship with Arthur was.  I won’t tell you all of the wild ideas but just the ones that I found in my research from the Akashic Library to have been correct.  It turns out that he was the Merlin.  Merlin’s staff had two dragons on it.  According to what Shivastus said at other times the white dragon and the red dragon represented Indulgeance and Aversion the forces that make up the human body.  The wine and the bread, the blood and the brain.  He taught that the balancing of these out was the alchemical marriage.  Many of the Zed thought and I feel correctly so that his initials S.S. were a reference to the two dragons on Merlin’s staff.  

Some believed that the two S’s in Moses were similar.  Shivastus often taught that the word moses meant freedom and came from the Indian word Moksha.  Some people correlated the two serpents that Moses Serpent ate up when he threw it down in front of Janis and Jambris as meaningful too.  Shivah tells us the Jains were the mystics from india.  Moses demonstrated Sapiential Authority over the advisers to the king. 



I was able to talk to him in private one day as we walked through the maze garden on our walking meditations and he told me that what King Arthur had been trying to do was to bring the philosophy of the cult of the Augures to the modern age for the good of the world.  Arthur was Auctoritas, the word made by the cult of the Augures and their philosophy on society and praxis, the Zed society itself was based on the tenets of that cult.  Even Jesus had tried to bring the very same message to the West and succeeded to a greater or lesser extent before his message was corrupted.  Auctoritas Rex is the once and future king because he is the only king that deserves to rule.  Jesus wasn’t king of the Jews, he was king of the philosophers because the rabbinical tradition was a philosophical guru tradition, so it should read.  


Praxis is the practice and process of applying your philosophy in the world, walking your talk.  The high priest isn’t above the law and doesn’t invent the law, he teaches the law and the law is pre existent and immutable.  If the high priest didn’t teach it the very rocks would scream it.  Nobody is above the authority of reason.  Homo Sapiens means wise man.  People aren’t born wise and some people never attain to wisdom which means that not all human animals are actually HUMAN, only wise man is human, only wise man is like god.

 Shivastus would hammer over and over again that if you don’t know the logical fallacies and cognitive biases you can’t prevent yourself from making them.  And you will not be a wizard before you are a philosopher king.  The siddhis don’t even begin to take effect until you are rational, perfectly rational.  Magick is not only dangerous to the wielder without reason and without a guru, it is an act of theft from god. 




This dish has a story behind it.  I am like Mozart in that I can compose an entire symphony of flavor in my head, this recipe came to me in a vision.  People have been hounding me for it for months.  On St. Patrick’s day I decided that every person that came down to the hot tub would get a dollop of chocolate raspberry pulled pork and a little bun of squaw bread.

That look on a person’s face when they are trying something that tastes so good and something they never thought existed, when epiphany flashes across their face, like I just explained some cosmic mystery, that is what I life for.

  1. 5 lb. of country style ribs.
  2. Image one of those rounds of mexican chocolate
  3. a cup or more of whiskey
  4. ground chipotle pepper a goodly portion
  5. 1 – 2 bags of raspberries depending on how seedy you want it to be
  6. a splash of apple cider vinegar
  7. chicken broth or water
  8. I used a mexican spice blend that had anise, cloves, bay leaves, and coriander seed, it can have ancho but you want most of the pepper flavor coming from the chipotle.
  9. You might need to add more sugar I suggest maple syrup or coconut nectar
  10. Salt is one of those things you can always add later but you can never remove once you have over salted add it towards the end, and always put a little under what you believe appropriate.

Slow cook between 7 and 12 hours.  Now what I did is I put it in the freezer when it was done cooking until the fat congealed and then I picked it out.  That way you have all the flavor and none of the guilt.

I served it with a soft little dark squaw bread but you can experiment with the bread.  It can be paired with a red or dark wine or your choice of ale.

Heat it back up before you are ready to serve it and taste it one last time to be sure that your food art is expressing your wild impulsive exotic erotic self and multiple people are going to have wild sex because of tasting this intoxicating ambrosia.

And remember:

“Alchemy started in the kitchen.”





If you examine the narrative of women and the way it is in relationship with the masculine narrative you see that the female mind presupposes the surplus of the male mind while at the same time being hostile towards it.  They want men to care for them and about them while they do not return the concern.  Women presuppose an environment that is pleasant for themselves.  I call them “choosy beggars” they want something done for themselves that they can’t do for themselves and then they are very picky about how it is done for them.  

Women presuppose a pleasant environment, which is not a natural environment.  Nature isn’t pleasant, outer space isn’t pleasant, the surface of the sun isn’t pleasant, and yet women think that a man should suffer to provide these things for her. Women get angry at you for not reading their minds.  Why should I give a single fuck what she thinks?  She has words doesn’t she?  She isn’t a gurgling baby is she?  Use your big girl words.  Why shouldn’t you be reading my mind?  

How many times have you heard a woman say, “A real man….”  What makes women the authority on what is and is not a real man?  Why are men not the authority on what it is to be a real woman?  A real woman would make me a sammich without my even having to ask.  A real woman would bring her fine as sister over and smack her ass while she twerks in my face.  A real woman has had sex with more than 3 men at the same time.  

Think about it, men are bad for wanting what they want and women are good for wanting what they want.  They presuppose their moral authority over us judge us, punish us, and not participate with us whenever they want.  If my desires aren’t valid in my own relationship than fuck you bitch it is every man for himself, catch as catch can.  As Aleister Crowley once said, 

“every woman is attracted to the man with the most powerful steed and the best control of it.” 

Things have changed a bit though nowadays.  The stallion doesn’t get to control himself, women use the reigns of guilt and shame to ride your pony and the lash of a forked tongue…


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