Teach the Teachers



Teach the teachers was something I started when I was working with Lynn Marie Le.  What we found was that people that weren’t highly experienced, and highly intelligent would feel intimidated and threatened by my ideas and they would panic.  

Panic is a sudden sensation of fear which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason and logical thinking, replacing it with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and frantic agitation consistent with an animalistic fight-or-flightreaction. Panic may occur singularly in individuals or manifest suddenly in large groups as mass panic (closely related to herd behavior).

The word panic derives from the Greekπανικός, “pertaining to shepherd god Pan“, who took amusement from frightening herds of goats and sheep into sudden bursts of uncontrollable fear. The ancient Greeks credited the battle of Marathon‘s victory to Pan, using his name for the frenzied, frantic fear exhibited by the fleeing enemy soldiers. ~Wikipedia



We thought this was weird considering that Jesus signature miracle was turning water into wine, the same miracle of the cult of Bacchus the god of the theater and extacy.  A metaphor for turning what is mundane and boring into something supernormal, extraordinary.   Shiva is also the god of extacy as well as of death, having created the science of Tantra and my online handle and spiritual name Shivah Solomon, not just that but the fact that I am from a living lineage of gurus and I was initiated into it by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. 

People that aren’t ready to receive or aren’t worthy, they panic, and fear blocks the light.  People that can’t enjoy themselves responsibly, that don’t know themselves, that can’t control themselves, spiritual children.  They need milk and not steak, and my truth is too rich for them. 

What we found is that I would never make it if I started at the bottom because I would have to compete with morons that would block me and ostracize me and besmirch me at every turn, because they didn’t understand me, they can’t evaluate me, and they can’t compete with me.  So they would sabotage, backstab, cockblock, and straight lie about me, to turn others against me.  Scapegoating me as it were.  






We will never solve racism in this country moving in the direction we are moving in.  Once you get victim status everybody agrees that anybody that says anything unpleasant to you, even if it is true is a bad person.  We let one group beat up on another group as payback.  I remember when I was a kid some black leader said something very important, I wish I could remember his name but more importantly I remember his words.

“there is no such thing as reverse discrimination, it is just regular old prejudice.”

What I am about to say is a logical fallacy that I believe I am the first person to point out.  There is the general, the specific, and the personal.  If something happens to me it is personal.  If something happens to my friend it is specific, and if something happens in general that is the general rule.  When people make judgments, when they talk, when they behave strategically to make the world a better place they forget this one simple rule.  I am not white people, I did not take your land, I do not have millions of dollars from my plantation, I didn’t own slaves, I didn’t prevent women from getting the vote, I didn’t kill off the native Americans, and I refuse to be punished for it or apologize for being a strong white man.

Here is another interesting question, based on the same logic, if I can be blamed for the crimes of my ancestors and my sex, how come I never get praised for things that white people and men have done that are good?  Thank you for inventing science!  Thank  you for inventing civil rights!  Thank you for civilization and chivalry!  Thank you for television and the internet!  How come that never happens?


Conflationary thinking is prejudice.  Thinking you can make the world a better place by singling out a person based on color or sex and attack them, blame them, scapegoat them and that will right some wrong you perceive is stupid and if you think that you are an idiot and too stupid to detect your own bullshit.  You don’t change the way you treat your friends or acquaintances because of some event that has nothing to do with either of you.

The way that you change the general rule for the positive is you succeed in your relationships and you return good for good and you don’t let things going on in the world influence the way you are in relationship with your friends.  The only thing that matters is what I do to you, how I treat you.  You don’t know why I did what I did to someone else or why I said what I said to someone else, you only know how I treat you.  What has transpired between us. Image

It has become normal for people to apologize for their race or for their sex with their behavior.  But you are feeding into a logical fallacy.  You are participating with the validity of stupidity from the mind of a moron.  We are enforcing this pleasantness of speech so that we can’t talk about the real issues.  One groups opinion and experiences are wrong because it comes from them, they are wrong for having it and they aren’t allowed to voice it.  As long as we can’t speak freely on the subject there will be no enduring solution.  Cornel West speaks about parr hesia, speaking your truth boldly, prophetically.

The solution is reason, a system that is prejudiced towards reason and knows how to recognize it.  Stop rewarding prejudice, stupidity, butthurt, entitlements, people that feel like victims (histrionic personalities) and start rewarding people for being reasonable and correct.


Racism, Prejudice, and Stupidity



This dumb, ugly, bitch at the hot tub that looked like what would happen if a possum successfully mated with Ann Coulter’s corpse reminded me how stupid this world is getting.  I have lived at this apartment complex for 5 going on six years and I know the people that live here.  So this thing floating around in my hot tub like an albino turd that won’t flush decides that she is going to be the ambassador of good will to the apartment hot tub.  She starts offering information about herself that nobody asked for making appeals to her own authority.  She manages to tell everyone she is a teacher.  Who cares?  She is trying to impress this Persian family who has a vendetta against white people that she doesn’t know about, this family and the other Persians and Arabs gossip about and call the security on people that they don’t like, people wearing cowboy hats and drinking beer, more specifically white men and chicks that put out.  That is right, the Persians are the self appointed cock-blockers of the hot tub. 

So this dumb bitch, says, “I love black people, don’t you all just love black people?”  Now the reason this pisses me off is it has become a shibboleth, a tautology for saying, “I am a good person.” The Persians nod their heads vigorously, the woman even says in her deep mannish tenor, “oh, yes, we love black people.”  Which is patently not true, unless the sentence finished in her head and went like this, “Oh, yes, we love black people to pick up our garbage.”  of something to that effect.  

So, Ann Coulter’s doppelganger turns to me as I am sitting in a chair dangling my feet in the water and writing in my notebook for my blog and says, “Do you love black people?”  and I respond, “I don’t love people based on their skin color”.  Which i feel is an intelligent and correct response.  This bitch has the audacity to say to me, “Oh, yeah, you are prejudiced.”  





This is not so much a recipe as it is a history lesson on food.  I am going to tell you this because you won’t learn it anywhere else.  It has become the norm in this country that you cannot say things that are offensive and perhaps unpleasant even if they are true.  

Puttanesca has been defined as “Whore style pasta sauce” and this is actually more pleasant than the truth.  Puttanesca means, stinky, fishy, sauce and it is a reference to a woman’s menses.  The gravy is made either with anchovies or with Worcestershire sauce whose flavor comes from fermented anchovies.  I personally believe this recipe was created when there was a lack of salt in the area.  In order to add flavor to the dishes they made their own version of fish sauce that was used in China.  Salt was used to control the fermentation process but it was needed to add flavor to a salt deficient diet. 

Puttanesca has other pickled ingredients in it usually, capers, olives.  All of which use salt in the pickling process.  

Alright folks, have fun with your pasta sauce and remember…..








The mind is averse.  It is 90% more interested in avoiding things it doesn’t want than it is in recognizing the actual problem and moving towards a solution.  It just attacks or avoids what it doesn’t like.  Hating the problem is not the solution.  What are you going to do?  Throw poop at it like a monkey?  But that is how people act, this can predict their behavior.  People do this unconsciously.  If you don’t know all of the cognitive biases and logical fallacies you can’t prevent yourself from making them.  What you don’t know about yourself will kill you. 

In the presence of a threat almost all herding creatures form a certain pattern. 



Men are on the outside of the herd, women inside that, and children inside that.  This behavior was necessary for survival.  That is why it was passed on.  But the neural myelination from the repetition of this behavior was also passed on to us in the form of a brain, and it informs are judgments unconsciously.  It is as though you were driving a rickety cart down a dirt road and your cart keeps following the grooves in the road.  Assuming that maybe in the span of a lifetime there was only the presence of an actual threat maybe 10% of one’s life, this model still predicts 90% of human decisions and judgments. 

People are naturally hostile and insensitive to masculinity.  While the male mind contemplates Nature, and the enemy and the world and struggles with it for his benefit and the good of the herd, the worst evil the woman knows about is the man. Men are even insensitive to themselves and their own emotions and this was necessary for survival.  Watch little boys playing they imagine that they are things without emotions, dinosaurs, robots, cyborgs, samurai, gunslingers, G.I.Joe’s.  Watch little girls playing they pretend they are princesses and faeries and they indulge in their emotions.  This was necessary for the survival of the species.  Emotions have to be valid from a feminine perspective because babies communicate no analytical data only emotional data.  From the feminine perspective the emotions have to be valid.  The irrational has to be valid.  Deborah Tannen talks about how mothers ventriloquize for their babies, acting as a translator between fathers and babies.  Interpreting their facial expressions and gurgles and twitches. 

We can extrapolate even further from the model to see how it incorporates more people into the judgment schema. 



Imagine that there is an old woman standing next to a young athletic man?  She is scared of him.  Is he intimidating her? or is she intimidated by him?  





In my psychology/philosophy/system, a persons thoughts are congruent with their words and their actions.  The discrepancy between these is how you recognize strategic behavior and the psychopath.  The disconnect between what they say they are doing and what they are actual doing.


If you observe the narrative of men and women it is obvious that they come from two different narratives, two different perspectives, two different minds and philosophies with different value systems.

The female narrative and the female brain was designed to deal with children, it presupposes an up down relationship a vertical relationship where one person is smarter and far more capable than the other.  This is also the narrative of authority.  Not a democratic narrative, but a pleasant authoritarian one.  Babies start out not being able to do anything for themselves and relying completely on their mothers.  The existence of the baby reifies the authority of the mother, but in the absence of the baby the woman’s emotions take the place of the baby.  She will indulge her own sentiments as the baby.

Male communication rituals evolved from two full grown worldly wise men talking to one another as they talk about the tribe and policy and the world and the problems, like a mafia don and a Consigliere they are both undeluded about the nature of reality, and you participate not because it was said in a pleasant way, because it wasn’t I am sure there were plenty of f-bombs and more than one reference to fecal matter, my point being you do it because you want to survive or win.  You don’t have to be coddled and bribed and kept happy like a baby and you might even get threatened.  You are expected to take personal responsibility and do it because it is the best option and it maximizes value for you and the family.  It is the language of the philosopher, the language of reason and it is a horizontal language, that presupposes an equal or approaching equal relationship.


Remember, if you will, that the gymnasium is where people practiced philosophy and were initiated into society.  It is also where they practiced, pugilism, pankration, and Greco-Roman wrestling, those are martial arts if you don’t know that.  Back in the day a duel was considered the highest scientific experiment.  Remember too that Domo, from India, taught the shaolin monks kung fu only as an exercise because they were too out of shape to meditate properly.

Men, left to themselves, without the influence or judgement of women, will whip themselves into the peak of physical perfection.  Picking on one another until every one of them is a lean, mean, killing machine. They do not pick on one another to weaken themselves or the tribe but to strengthen one another to protect the tribe.  This makes no sense to the female mind.  She perceives it as unnecessary cruelty.

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