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“Epiphany of One Self” is a visual homage to Proto-Indo European, combining the Caduceus with the Ida and Pingala of the yogic serpents, representing the Ajna Chakra, replacing the winged globe with the two-petaled lotus symbolizing the Garden of Eden or the Alchemical marriage and the atomic power released by the proper union of the male and female energies in oneself.

Joxua is a trained Jnani guru and has combined a vast amount of general and specific knowledge from religions and the occult.  He has combined taoism, buddhism, hinduism and kabbalah.  In this piece the ajna chakra has been modified so that the two petals are breasts.  The sacred, secret, succor and the serpents suckle the sweet knowledge of the alchemical marriage.  As one attains to the level of non duality.  

(22) Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples, “These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom.” 
They said to him, “Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?” 
Jesus said to them, “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom.”  ~gospel of thomas


He also felt it meaningful to incorporate the fascia into the symbol as the sushumna in place of the spine.  

Etymology[edit source | editbeta]

The term fascismo is derived from the Latin word fasces.[15] The fasces, which consisted of a bundle of rods that were tied around an axe,[16] was an ancient Roman symbol of the authority of the civic magistrate.[17] They were carried by his lictors and could be used for corporal and capital punishment at his command.[18][19] The word fascismo also relates to political organizations in Italy known as fasci, groups similar to guilds or syndicates.

The symbolism of the fasces suggested strength through unity: a single rod is easily broken, while the bundle is difficult to break.[20] Similar symbols were developed by different fascist movements. For example the Falange symbol is five arrows joined together by a yoke.[21]




It was also of interest that Joxua felt this piece was predictive of coming global events and he asked lynn marie le to post a time stamp on her blog.  Shortly there after there was a fertilizer explosion in Texas and the boston bombings.  















Fat bottomed bull dikes buzz around angrily stinging us with their useless vaginas full of vitriol.

Emasculated eunuchs slave in the house like castrated servants kept safe from their scepters. 

The queen bee sits safely on her throne, secure in her arrogant sovereignty, crapping forth life into the world. 






During my first samadhi I had a sensation as though God was telling me a joke and I was the only one in the universe that was  laughing.

During my second death I had a feeling like god was a lonely old man telling himself stories and starting to believe they were real.

During my third death I realized that I was god.

During my fourth death I realized that I was nothing so it didn’t matter if I was god, everything, everywhere, was nothing.
The universe is NOTHING CHANGING.

During my fifth death it was revealed to me that I was love and things came into existence so that I could express my love to myself
in the form of other objects and people.

During my 6th death I realized that there were too many phenomenon in the universe to comprehend.

During my 7th death I longed for the dissolution of my sense of self. I wanted to return to a state of forgetting. I wanted to remember…







If I do nothing I am blamed.

 If I do something I am blamed. 

There is no escaping of helping

those that burn in the fire of

ignorance and partial knowledge.

Their cup is full of sorrow,

and their coffers full of blame.

They will baptize themselves in tears 

and they will have their pain.

Yin and Yang Dichotomy and its relation to the elements

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Yin and Yang Dichotomy and its relation to the elements

I drew this chart to help me understand the elements and meditate on their relationship with one another and their attributes

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In fire, light is latent and heat is dominant.

 In light, heat is latent and light is dominant.  

So in light, heat is yin and light is yang

whereas in fire, heat is yang and light is yin.

 Taking everything into consideration light is yang and fire is yin

but where light meets resistance there is friction and friction creates heat and heat creates fire.  

So in conflict fire is yang and light is yin.

But in reasoned conversation light is yang and fire yin. 

The Candle Problem and Negative Patterns in Big Business



Lynn: You were saying something about this test that they did on cognitive bias and problem solving and how a certain group of people were monetarily incentivized and that group performed the task slower.  Could you please deconstruct this for us with your philosophic calculus and explain why you think this happens?
Joxua: Well, it seems obvious to me that the people that were incentivized were distracted from the problem and solution by the reward and in some instances instead of just solving the problem they were probably thinking about what would be the correct solution from the perspective of the incentivizer.   So instead of judging from their own perspective they were trying to satisfy an external perspective. 
Lynn: Why is this interesting?
Joxua: It’s interesting because it might suggest that unregulated capitalism incentivizes stupidity and rewards failure. 
Lynn: Could you explain how this applies to business and how you made this leap of logic?
Joxua: I observe the same pattern where I work.  In free market economics, the person offering the service or product is also the person creating the product or doing the work as corporations get larger and larger the people that extract the most profit are selling the ingenuity and labor of people that are not benefiting as much as they are.  The more people they have working under them the more profit they can extract for themselves which is not necessarily commensurate with their skill, ability or effort.  This one particular lady is the worst offender I have ever seen.  See, on some level, she knows that she’s not relevant so she keeps on insinuating herself and reminding people of her presence which distracts them from their job.  It’s not about serving the customer’s needs through maximizing profit and value it now about her ego.  She has to keep making it about her so she can take credit, she has to make it appear that she is doing something but in reality she is being a nuisance and distraction and she’s coming between the customer and the team member.
Lynn: She sounds like a real pain, lol.  Are there more negative patterns that are created by this egotistical style of leadership?
Joxua: Absolutely, for one thing she promotes people for listening to her and making her feel like she is doing her job well, the same people that allow themselves to be distracted by her and acts as if her invasive narrative is useful which means that they themselves are not doing their job well and are distracting their subordinates from creating value for the customer.  She drowns the conversation with her useless input.  She creates busy work that wastes time and money, she constantly changes things the stuff that working as well as the stuff that wasn’t working.  Chaotic experimentation without insight or foresight.  She doesn’t observe the results, she doesn’t learn from them and she doesn’t accept responsibility for them.
Lynn: She sounds like she is horrible at business.  It seems like there should be somebody above her who would recognize the results she is getting and jam her up.
Joxua: Yeah, its bad business when she got promoted to Regional I predicted that she would run this region to the ground, which is exactly what she is doing.  Worst than that she’s teaching her style of leadership to an entire generation of leaders, some kind of new hybrid of intellectual coward and dickless wonder.  All of the men together don’t have a pair of testicles between them and when they put all of their brains together and reason with all their might they manage to fail with infinite precision.  They don’t even get things right accidentally.
Lynn: Lol, oh my god, that is too funny.  You are cracking me up.  It is so true.  It seems like in a legitimate business class they would teach you not to do this kind of thing.
Joxua: There is not only do you have to be an insane idiot to do what she’s doing you have to be megalomaniac.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder#Symptoms  One of the ways you can recognize a psychopath is by the presence of a narcissistic narrative.  They never shut up and they never listen, they love to hear themselves talk and they have nothing to say and they never get to the point.  The things that they say are correct because they are the ones saying them not because of the results or science or reason but because of personal whim.  It is as though they are a queen or a pope. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_cathedra#Ex_cathedra
Lynn: Lol, you are so cute.  It seems like there should be like a business term for this kind of behavior to show that it’s a negative thing or something to be avoided.
Joxua: Oh, there is.  It is called “mung” mash until no good or processing until useless
Lynn: Lol, this is probably one of the funniest interviews we’ve done and one of my personal favorites. 

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