The Prince


It is possible to attain to perfection, my son, but not external perfection.  Don’t subscribe to the perfection of another person’s judgments, or the judgments of an imagined god.  Let your god be the highest good you know yourself capable of, judge yourself, punish yourself, reward yourself.  All of these structures of authority, religious, political, and scientific get their power by extracting god from the individual.  An external god is an impotent god, worse than that a potential enemy.

Do not trust people posing as moral authorities trying to appear as good and harmless, they are not good and they are not harmless.  They will try to tell you what you should do with your resources to make the world better for someone else.  They will tell you that they are agents of social justice.  They are thieves appearing as angels.  Let your actions be guided by your reason.  Your…

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The Prince


I hope and suspect that you will be like me, even though that will set you at adds with the world.  You will be right for a natural world, but the world is not natural.  You will be a natural man in an unnatural world, a son of god in a godless world, a lawful man in a lawless world.  People will hate you because you exist and your presence reminds them that they don’t deserve to exist.  They will scheme on you, undermine you, talk behind your back.

Homo Sapiens is wise man, but a man is not born being wise, wisdom is attained to.  A man is not born being free from ignorance, a man fights his own ignorance to become free.  But in this world where people refuse to grow up, ignorance has been rebranded as freedom and freedom as ignorance.  I will explain more…

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The Faps Meet Shivah’s Long Game.

Epic Troll



When I first was introduced to social networking sites it was Myspace.  Lisa Hall signed me up with my first account.  I was naive back then.  I remember telling people, “I have come to burn in the fire of relationship.”  I was attracted to group functions and somehow I became associated with the FAPS.  I was exposed to trolling for the first time.  I wanted to be known and to know others, but the internet was a nasty, mean-spirited place.  It was at that time that I started studying trolls and their behavior.  I was curious how much one could know about people that were concealing their true selves and misrepresenting themselves.  

Some people troll life by being shitty humans, the faps were no exception.  So arrogant, they considered themselves some manner of elite trolls.  They were very famous to themselves and they were the most obnoxious social…

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