The Body is a Sacrifice



Transmutation requires a conversion of energy, movement requires a transmutation of energy.  Form is taken and destroyed and turned into fuel for energy.  Every vehicle takes in one form of matter and gives off some form of waste, this allows for movement.  Our body is a vehicle but it is also a sacrifice.  We can’t take our body with us so, in a manner of speaking it is a sacrifice that we make for the experiences that we get from it, the memories.  Life is not meant to be lived timidly.  Living life in fear of making a mistake or not being yourself is a living death in and of itself.  If you are going to be damned, be damned for being who and what you are.  Image


Deconstructing Plato’s Cave


The species binomial Homo sapiens was coined by Carl Linnaeus in his 18th century work Systema Naturae, and he himself is the lectotype specimen.[16] The generic name Homois a learned 18th century derivation from Latin homō “man”, ultimately “earthly being” (Old Latin hemō, a cognate to Old English guma “man”, from PIE dʰǵʰemon-, meaning “earth” or “ground”).[17] The species-name sapiens means “wise” or “sapient”. Note that the Latin word homo refers to humans of either gender, and that sapiens is the singular form (while there is no word sapien).

Ponder this, people are not born wise, which means that the majority of people never evolve to the point of being human.  Plato is essentially describing the philosopher king.  The person who can perceive the forms of the good, or the forms of god, with his mind’s eye.  What the average person sees is the shadow because they don’t understand the uncorrupted form of the good.  Just as the high priest of the cult of the Augure’s does not create the law, the law is real and pre-existent and immutable, the high priest merely explains the law.  He is under the law and subject to it.

The Ideas, or the idols are those monads or mints of the original forms of the good.  Remember the 3 castes that Plato recommended, the philosopher kings (rulers, sattvic guna), the Guardians (police, military, raja guna), and the slaves (tamas guna, servants).  This corresponds with the Indian concept of Moksha or freedom, as long as their is ignorance their is no freedom.  The Causal world is the world of the forms.  Everything in our world is a duplicate of the causal world, a shadow.

It is the philosopher king that can see where things went wrong, and remedy the problem, and get everything back to good.  Other people don’t know why they are doing what they are doing or the consequences that are going to come from their actions.  Notice a congruence with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  You are not free until you understand, and until you understand you will continue to create karma for yourself.  All action requires the karmic debt of understanding that is why there are natural consequences.  To remove consequences is evil and stupid because then their is no learning.

Below is a video by Okko Behrands the foremost expert on Roman law and where it came from, I notice a congruence between all of the other philosophies that is not easily explained away.  This is where the very concept of authority came from.  All valid western structures of authority follow this original ancient conception.


Zero Karma, from the Meditations of Shivastus Solomonicus


The yoga of the sadaka or the tzaddik, the seeker of truth is to reach a point of zero karma, not positive karma or negative karma, but no karma. In order to maintain this state one needs also to be certain nobody creates a karmic debt with himself by either slighting him or giving him something so that he owes the person.  For this reason the yogi must at this stage become a punisher/teacher unto those who refuse to stop creating karma with him or try to ensnare him in creating karma.  At the point of 0 karma the sadaka has attained to moksha, freedom.  It is a kabbalist mystery that with understanding there is no karma, with understanding everything is pregnant with meaning.  There is nothing wrong with anything done consciously in this state and their is nothing right about anything done unconsciously.  The guru can even use evil means to accomplish his goals without creating karma.

From the Meditations of Shivastus Solomonicus

shiva sutra 1-13 The power of the will is the playful uma.



Male Cultures and Female Cultures



People ask me what I mean when I refer to male and female societies.  I feel that living in the west there is a constant effort to obfuscate what is masculine and what is feminine and people pop and lock between the general, the specific, and the personal to confuse the issue.  In civilizations where survival is difficult masculine values will dominate, and in cultures where survival is easy feminine values will dominate.

If you observe the theme’s in Greek art you see that the form of beauty was the athletic male body.  That is because they lived in a time where being manly and athletic had value and was appreciated.  In modern america our idea of beauty is the scantily clad female body and men wear baggy concealing clothing.  The feminine form is desirable to both women and men, while the male form is thought loathsome by more women and men comparatively.

There is also the matter of which sex is allowed to express affection to one another without stigma.  Few people male or female complain when two women make public displays of affection.  Many men even encourage them thinking mistakenly that it has anything to do with them.

These superficial Aesthetic snap decisions are made based on social norms, this normative bias that what is normal is good and what is not normal is not good.  As we as a country move toward a time where survival is more difficult we are transitioning from a time when female values were on the rise to a time when masculine values are increasing in perceived value.




Smart About People


I am not like the modern sciency types that feel so much smarter than the genii of old.  I think they were a lot smarter than us about a lot of things.  They knew through observation and interaction with people more about intelligent objects, not factoids.  Success in life is about being non deluded about people not non deluded about facts.  Humans are social creatures and your success in life hinges on your correctly understanding people as well as facts.

The astrological symbol for man is a spear and a shield, the astrological symbol for woman is a bronze mirror.  Recent studies have shown that baby boys are better at tracking moving objects while baby girls look for faces.  Boys need to objectify their environment, to take control of it, while girls gravitate towards relationship.  The question is why did evolution and natural selection compartmentalize the male and female brains this way?  Before we decide that it is evil and we start homogenizing the sexes turning boys into girls and vice verse lets ask ourselves why it was necessary for survival in the first place.

Can we stop pretending that boys and girls are the same.

 A = A.

 A =/= B.

And if someone insists that they should be please make a rational, faslifiable, positive, assertion.

Boys should be punished for being boys and girls should be rewarded for acting like boys because this will help the species evolve in this manner_____________________________________.

…and then you fill in the blank with your mental and emotional issues.

Aries and aphrodite statue.


Bill Maher’s Mantoe


I would be lying if I said I don’t watch Bill Maher religiously.  I don’t agree with him on everything but the level of intelligence in the discourse is so much better than anywhere else where I feel like my intelligence is being sucked out of my head.  Having said that I would like to bring up a subject that really needs attention.  Bill Maher’s big, bulging, balls.

Yes, it is my favorite part of the show, the 10 minute interview with a guest expert in which we get to stare at Bill Maher’s carefully arranged nuts the whole time.  With a camera expert that has been trained to keep them in the line of visual fire so to speak with unflinching fealty.  As we sit their looking at his big shiny seersucker stones we find ourselves asking ourselves things like, “I wonder if those are sansabelt or if he has them tailored.”  and “apparently he dresses to the right.”  I look at the handful of cashews I am about to eat and I think of Tina Fey saying how they look like baby penis’s and carefully I set them down again.

I love Bill Maher as a person and I think he deserves all the chocolate poontang he can get his fingers on.  I hope he never has a women rake him over the coals for his money and like him I respect his stand against marriage as a feminine institution.  Seriously fellas it ain’t about you anymore.  You buy the ring but it is just a noose for your nuts.  Why not let your nuts hang freely?  Just let them be Figs haning happily from the man branch of the man tree.  That way you can continue to be politically correct, you can say something that is both true and unpleasant, and you can get your parrhesia on.





I painted this a while back after I started using my psycholinguistic model to deconstruct the narrative that we get through media and then using my psychological model to see how people and groups of people would interpret it on an unconscious level.  I used the concepts of emotional data, and experiential data, and survival data, it is based on hermeneutics.  Long story short, I predicted a coming suicide epidemic that would disparately impact men and young men.  Guess what?  I was right.  Angel tide was all of the souls from the dead youngsters, that is what it means.

This piece is surreal and abstract, it has a lot of emotional impact. It is beautiful, peaceful, and at the same time full of action and a hint of sadness, contemplation even.


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