Pleasantness Fallacy:  The assertion or tacit bias that something that is unpleasant can be dismissed because it is unpleasant.  It comes from a childish perspective, a person incapable of dealing with reality, which is apriorily delusional.  It precludes the sometimes necessary communication of negative emotional data to attract the attention of another to a possibly dangerous error or discrepancy.  

One of the problems with female communication rituals is that there is no pleasant way to tell an idiot that they are an idiot.  The act of telling an idiot that they are an idiot requires certain negative emotional data.  If they knew that they were an idiot chances are you would not have to tell them.  FCR doesn’t allow for the communication of the negative emotional data that is necessary to convey the meaning.  By their very nature, idiots don’t know that they are idiots, they need some person or some event to tell them in no uncertain terms that they are stupid. 

One of the cognitive biases that people have is that every single thing that doesn’t directly antagonize their perception of reality proves it to themselves.  For some reason we think in america that it is a virtue to back down from insane people and stupid people and let them have their way.  I disagree.  They refer to this as “being the bigger man.”  I am not the bigger man, I am very, very, small.  Not in the ways that count just for the sake of being argumentitive.

I don’t want to live in a world where you can be in incorrect, douchebag pleasantly but you can’t speak the truth if it is unpleasant.  Where you can be covertly hostile but you can’t be hostile, where you can be passive aggressive but you can’t be aggressive.  Ponder this, if unreasonable people behaved reasonably and reasonable people behaved unreasonably, the world would be a perfect place where the most value was created for everyone.  But instead unreasonable people act unreasonably and reasonable people act reasonably.  It sucks.  Every day I wake up and feel that the world has become a stupider place to live. 

On a closing note, the first time I saw the movie idiocracy I did not realize it was supposed to be prophetic….


America: the Most Feminine Country in the World.



People ask me how I can possibly think that America is the most feminine country in the world when we are bombarded constantly how it is suffering from too much masculinity.  Well I stand by my assertion and for the serious minded person who asks this question I will try to make my position clear.  Civilization, the very root of the word comes from Chevalier or knight, through proto-indo-european this concept moved west into Europe and then into the United States.  What we know as civilization was an environment championed BY men FOR women.  That is why the feminine control is concealed.  I wrote on this topic before for lynn marie le’s blog.  There I demonstrate how the mind of the psychopath and women do not do things for themselves that they might not want to take credit for. 

The fact of the matter is that this western practice of white knighting or championing a feminine cause for token of their affection whether won or not but concealing the affection that they feel for the object of the affection.  Women presuppose a pleasant environment and a pleasant environment is not a natural environment it is an artificial environment.  Anybody that would like to contest that can go into outerspace without a suit or take a time machine back to the dinosaur age.  Fuck, the plants would kill you because even they were macho back in the day.  imagine that, getting your ass kicked by a plant… 

Anyway, back to my point.  Women need to take responsibility for the state of the country as much as men if not more so.  Allow myself to show yourself something.

Stages of courtly love[edit source | editbeta]

(Adapted from Barbara Tuchman[41])

  • Attraction to the lady, usually via eyes/glance
  • Worship of the lady from afar
  • Declaration of passionate devotion
  • Virtuous rejection by the lady
  • Renewed wooing with oaths of virtue and eternal fealty
  • Moans of approaching death from unsatisfied desire (and other physical manifestations of lovesickness)
  • Heroic deeds of valor which win the lady’s heart
  • Consummation of the secret love
  • Endless adventures and subterfuges avoiding detection

This need of women to be seduced, to be the object of desire, it edits the consideration set of the relationship in a certain way.  If the woman needs to be pursued she will only consider the men that pursue here, she takes no responsibility for having good taste, discerning who is the better man, and staying in relationship with him.  Which means, because of the way she edits her consideration set, she predisposes herself to being manipulated by psychopaths.  not only that but in the U.S. were we are becoming every day more of a psychopathic society it is directly linked to the way women go about relationship and make choices.  Women compete with other women, they use the comparison set like this, “well sue got this much from a man so I deserve more than that if not the same!”  and she goes out to prove to herself that her poon is as precious as Sue’s poon.

Why instead do we not think that women should have good taste and should make a concerted effort to get with a good man?  Psychopaths are manipulative, and the way in which women are going about relationship strategically and feeding their egos is creating a disparate impact in favor of psychopathic men.  Other men see the psychopath being rewarded and because of the acquisitive mimesis of human nature, the start to copy the strategies of the psychopathic male.

Personally I don’t pursue women.  I am not attracted to women that think they are beautiful.  If they think their superficial beauty increases their perceived value they don’t know me and they are not looking for me and they aren’t worthy of me.  I like homey, natural women that are true to their instincts, I let them know I am attracted to them and they give me a straight up and down, they don’t communicate strategically to leverage themselves or act like they are not attracted to make me feel like I am less sexy than I am.  Western women have an uncanny ability to be false to their instincts.  I have observed women that will not date a man that is more attractive than themselves, or smarter than themselves.  They will not enter a relationship with a man unless they get to wear the pants. 

We need a masculine voice that is critical of women, we have more than enough casual misandry and every day that goes by it is more and more taboo to say ANYTHING critical of women especially if it is true.  I am going to start writing down my psychology and philosophy I have witnessed and created based on psycholinguistics and psychology and analytical philosophy and my personal theories on relationship, EQUITY IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIP, AND SHARED STATE THEORY OF COMMUNICATION.

The Alchemical Marriage of Shivastus Solomonicus


originally posted August 13, 2014 as part of the predictive meditations channeled from Shivastus Solomonicus by Joxua Luxor… Updated today as he was editing his book for publication.  

Hello students of the Mysteries, this is Noah Socrates talking to you from the Akashic Library by the Technology of the Aetheriphone.  This is reconstructed from the lost manuscript of Shivastus the Last Organon.  Around his 300th year of life Shivastus achieved the level of spiritual attainment of the third eye chakra also known as the 6th heaven.  He spontaneously entered into a deep samadhi state and sat without moving, eating, drinking, defecating or urinating for a month and 10 days.  According to his meditation this is what he experienced:

I saw myself as Adam and I was married to Eve.  I saw my life from beginning to end, all 930 years of it.  I lived to make Eve happy and god happy and in the end she made me miserable for it.  There wasn’t a single happiness that she didn’t rob me of.  Even when I wanted to die for lack of the experiences that would make my soul glad to remain on earth her soul called out to mine and wailed and appealed to my emotions until I felt I owed it to her to remain in Hellish torment.  When finally I was able to shuffle off my mortal coil, a figure appeared before me and said, “I am your god and father, kiss me my son, I am grateful of your return.”

I was horrified, “You are MY god???”  I cried, “My god would not have subjected me to that insult known as life, that humiliation, that repugnancy, that redundancy, that furious dance of futility.  Why would one pick a perfect diamond soul from the emerald green tree of life and dip it in the murky turd water of human experience.”

Sanat Kumara looked sad, “Are you serious? I created the experience known as “Life” so that people could learn what it feels like to be me, surrounded by children incapable of understanding me, these angels.  Those that chose to shoulder this crucifix are my prodigal children.  In life you perform on a microcosmic level with some help what I perform on a macrocosmic scale, the balancing and combining of the four elements earth, water, fire, and air.  You perform theurgy, the art of the fifth element, the quintessence.  I do the same thing in the act of creation but I create those elements out of my essence which is nothingness.  I gave man creative intelligence so he can choose to be like me.  An artist in the act of creation does me worship in creating art.  There is no greater form of flattery.”

Adam responded, “Ok, that may be, perhaps I was too hasty but what is the deal with this creature called woman?  What was the need for that cruel joke?  That slave-driving succubus, that vitriolic vampire, that life sucking Lillith?”

Sanat Kumara affectionately responded, “Well, my Son, that was a necessary evil, in that world I am the demiurge, and Nature reflects my personality.  Life necessarily needs to be difficult.  At one time there weren’t two sexes, every creature was a hermaphrodite, Hermes Aphrodite, they were the Adapa, they reproduced without sex, but they were too unstable, erratic, violent mood swings, or no emotions at all, deep depression, and the children that were subject to it became even more damaged.  It was entirely unstable.  So I arranged for the sexes to be split and the duties to be specialized.  The female dominant brains would focus on the pleasant things that they liked assuming an environment in which they could do so and the surplus created by another for them to dote upon their children and themselves.  The greatest evil the woman would know about would be the man.”

“Men on the other hand gaze into the abyss, Nature, my personality, they wrestle with nature and reality, they meditate on conflict and how to win, they are death seekers, philosophers, homo sapiens, wise man, Buddha’s at their best.”

“The Holy Trinity, which I branded into every living organism is Tripartite, three-fold in nature, the Tresante Trinosophia, the tripura sundari.  There is the Father, the Mother, and the Son.”

“The Father represents Wisdom, logic, and reason.  His interests are externalized into the environment, the world, maths, sciences, astronomy, philosophy, psychology, and the occult.  The father is concerned with the city, the polis, police, policy, and politics.”

“The Mother represents moral authority, charity and mercy, has her attention turned in, she focuses on her emotions and her desires, life, babies, puppies, kittens old people, the crippled, the needy, and the beggars.  Her attention is in the house, the oikos, and the economy.  She takes care of the children, pays the wages, keeps the cellars full of wine, and the cupboards full of sweetmeat, and rules the slaves.”

“In ancient times this was understood better, before that wisdom was lost, nature was killed off, the earth shackled with roads and suffocated with cities, scarred with mines, but soon she will shake off these evildoers like a bitch shakes off fleas and then drowns them in a river.  There are the Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic gunas.  In ancient Greece it was the Philosopher kings, the Guardians, and the Slaves.  The mother’s function was modeled after the primum mobile, the prime mover unmoved.  Godself doesn’t act directly on the earth, it is inert and unmoving in the earth.  Any movement from god self would be a negation of god self.  Time didn’t exist until creation existed, therefore the prime mover is before time, and therefore movement is impossible for him.  He influences the earth through his holy spirit, his Shekinah, his Colume, that is the function of the wife.  The man moves in the world but on returning to the house he lifts nary a finger accept to the humiliation of his wife.”

“The son represents action, the mother emotion, and the father understanding and reason.  When all is well in the house the mother respects and submits to the father, and the son listens to his mother who doesn’t usurp the father’s authority or corrupt his message, until such a time as the mother’s authority ends and the son enters the domain of the tutelage of the father, which is the world.  Reason must have more control over action than morality does or things will go badly in the world and in the polis and in the oikos.  One’s feet must be quick to run to goodness.”

Adam spoke again, “It makes so much sense hearing you say it but it would take a million lifetimes to get relationship right.  I seriously doubt my ability to make it happen. ”

Sanat Kumara, “Ha, ha!  And so that has been the case.  The power of god can only be unleashed in proper relationship.  When anyone is not doing their duty this vexes the spirit and it can be felt by those that are sensitive to my will.  The problem is humorous in a kind of unfunny way that only a god could laugh at, when the soul incarnates it splits, part of the soul becomes male and the other female, with any luck they find each other and marry, but this is just the beginning of the problem.  It is strange to think that the organelles of the brain are really little brains themselves, but we have a singular voice and a singular perspective even though we have two eyes, and we have a singular sense of self.  I am me.  Since men and women come from two halves of the same soul it seems they should get along easily, but I will tell you a secret, the soul of bodichitta, the heart mind is both analytical and emotional.  In female minds emotion is dominant and in male minds analysis is dominant.  Every word spoken or thought and every event has emotional data and analytical data.  Women think that the highest authority is moral authority and that the solution must be pleasant in order to be correct.  Women seek to expand and increase their authority, moral authority, which has an envelope of application and an arena where it gets no good results whatsoever, unless a woman realizes this and bows before Sapiential Authority, she will destroy everything and everyone around her over and over again.  She will turn women into men and men into women and treat everyone as children.  It will be a very pleasant environment as long as there is a surplus to sustain it and until there is a rapacious band of men that has no respect for moral authority and then the feminine system of authority will crumble like a gingerbread house.”

“True femininity and by true I mean uncorrupt, unperverted, that which succeeds, is latent within true masculinity and vice versa, and the father is the son.  One is not different from another just as there is only one sun in the heavens at sunrise, high noon, sunset, and midnight.  This is the meaning of the yin and yang, this is the mystery of the virgin birth, and this is how Isis resurrected Osiris by getting pregnant from his corpse and conceiving Horus.”

“You must make the journey yourself, I can only point you in the right direction.”  Saying this Sanat Kumara took his thumb and placed it on the forehead of Adam.

Shivastus Solomonicus stirred from his 40 day and 40 night vigil.  Some of his disciples sat expectantly tending to him with gifts of grapes, and dates, and pomegranates to break his fast.

“Did you attain enlightenment master?”  One of them asked.

“A new level of enlightenment, yes?” eagerly queried another.

“How do you feel?” pondered a third.

“I feel…

I feel thirsty…

for a warm chai tea….”  Shivastus serenely responded.


James Montgomery, My Buddy.



I come to work after two days off to find that my boss is in prison for carjacking a pickup and crashing it into an SUV and killing an off duty highway patrol officer and his relative.  He is one of my personal friends, I have known him for over a year now and he is the best boss that I have ever had.  He is one of a handful of people that has never tried to stab me in the back, and one of the fewer that has defended me and promoted me and invested in me.  When I was trying to get my t-shirt company off the ground he bought lots of them eagerly.  He is a good person, a good american, and a good friend.  I haven’t heard anything that is going to change that at any time in the near future.  

Everybody that knows him loves and respects him, but the media is making him out to be apriorily a carjacker.  He is just some crazy person that runs around Las Vegas stealing cars from off duty police officers and crashing them into SUV’s.  

I don’t know what happened but he is my friend and he is going to have a place in my heart and in my prayers.  I don’t have a huge internet presence but at least there is one small voice rooting for a friend.  I don’t turn on people that haven’t turned on me and James has always been there for me.  Defending me when dickless cowards wanted to throw me under the bus and every ambitious gomer and manipulative female was trying to social climb on me, or when people with histrionic personality disorder would act like I had attacked them or I had some kind of vendetta against them he always stood up for me.  Well I am standing up for him now, to the greatest of my ability.  You are my brother James and I love you, and I am suffering with you in spirit.  

Information Shock



It is possible to know everything about anybody.  We don’t know how to evaluate the information.  We don’t know what we should be paying attention to.  We are horrified by what we see on the internet which is now creeping into the news.  We don’t want it to exist in the world.  But where are the boundaries?  Can I even be free in my own head?  To think what I want to think?  Or can I be considered a criminal for my very thoughts?  Not even actions, thoughts. 

Who are the people that get to judge my thoughts?  Who are they that get to scrutinize and judge me?  Sitting in their ivory towers, with their puritanical judgements, priding themselves on never having stepped into the mire of the low brows.  Are they not the living dead?  They feel superior to me because they are refusing to live life and make mistakes.  

The people that are watching us have no business watching us and no ability to evaluate us.  Sexual repression turns into perverted expression.  Those sitting in judgement are not making things better they are part of the problem.  Closeted freaks.  Gone is the country where we could say, “I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”  We are not allowed to speak or even think something that is unpleasant.  

We do not have the positive freedoms that our founding fathers granted us, we have negative freedom.  We are no longer free to, we are free from.  Free from freedom, free from relationship, free from freedom of speech, free from pursuing our own happiness, free from failing, free from succeeding.  All we can do is trudge along and allow unseen corporate oligarchs reappropriate the wealth that we have created at their whim through taxation, manipulation, or overt theft, as in the case of the stock market and the sub-prime mortgage dropout. 

I do stand up as Adam Wolfe check out my page.


I do stand up as Adam Wolfe check out my page.

this is one of my quotes.  I practice transgressive sacrality through my stand up comedy.  Stand up is the last bastion of freedom of speech.  If you can be offended you need to be offended.  No more Ellen De generic comedians, “lets tell some quirky stories that don’t hurt anybody’s hyper-sensitive feelings.” 

26,000 Sexual Assault Cases in the Millitary



This is the fault of the American people and their stupid judgement making abilities, there I said it, I feel better, allow me to explain….  Our military is full of manly men that like being manly men, they are unapologetically masculine as they should be if they are going to protect our country from foreign threats.  They are proud of being men, full up to their eyeballs with semen and nothing to do with it.  Living in a sexless country.  It is easy to say to yourself “well that sounds like a their problem kind of thing.”

 Thinking that they should just not have sex is not a valid solution.  That mentality is part of the problem.  It might be easy for some sexless, pussy starved, vagina worshiping armchair philosopher to think that one can go on a 1-10 year tour of duty and forego sex but that perspective is stupid and wrong.  There is no easy solution because none of the solutions survive our superficial aesthetic snap decisions, none of the solutions look good at a glance, it is an ugly problem and the solution is going to be unattractive as well but we cannot hide from the problem by sticking our heads in our butts.  It was our avoiding understanding that caused the problem in the first place.  These guys are fuckers not fuckees, they pride themselves on not getting fucked while fucking.  

Possible solutions, the government pays for prostitutes.  Can you imagine the outcry of the american people?  people complaining that their taxes are paying prostitutes?  and what is a good rate?  What if the Muslims found out that we were paying for prostitutes in their country?  They would have moral leverage.  This isn’t like vietnam where there was a booming sex trade.  Muslims don’t want Americans sleeping with their women, they are racist and tribal to an extent that is not allowed by Americans for their own people.  

Anybody that says sex isn’t a necessity is an idiot.  Sex is a need, not a luxury and the people that say different are not strong enough, smart enough, honest enough, or fast enough to defend this country from its enemies.  If you can’t rap your mind around an unattractive solution for an ugly problem you have no business weighing in on the matter.  I despise chicken hawks because they need others to do something for them that they can’t do for themselves and then they sit in arrogant judgement of the needs and demands of those saving them from themselves.  I call them choosy beggars.  But by all means, lets put some guns in the hands of some hipster doucebags, froggy bull-dikes, armchair philosophers, smug elitists, feminazis, and have them put their money where there mouth is.  

Protecting this country is the problem and responsibility of every one living here.  Just like Israel everyone should have to serve 2 years in the military so we do not have this douchey sense of separateness and superiority created by specialization, and feel like we can sit in judgement of those sacrificing themselves for us.  The reason that you can be a radical pacifist and a vegan and a liberal elitist feminist douchebag is because of the efforts of these people that you despise, not in spite of them.  Anyway, take a look at a piece I wrote a while back on the history of rape.

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