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Racism, Prejudice, and Stupidity



This dumb, ugly, bitch at the hot tub that looked like what would happen if a possum successfully mated with Ann Coulter’s corpse reminded me how stupid this world is getting.  I have lived at this apartment complex for 5 going on six years and I know the people that live here.  So this thing floating around in my hot tub like an albino turd that won’t flush decides that she is going to be the ambassador of good will to the apartment hot tub.  She starts offering information about herself that nobody asked for making appeals to her own authority.  She manages to tell everyone she is a teacher.  Who cares?  She is trying to impress this Persian family who has a vendetta against white people that she doesn’t know about, this family and the other Persians and Arabs gossip about and call the security on people that they don’t like, people wearing cowboy hats and drinking beer, more specifically white men and chicks that put out.  That is right, the Persians are the self appointed cock-blockers of the hot tub. 

So this dumb bitch, says, “I love black people, don’t you all just love black people?”  Now the reason this pisses me off is it has become a shibboleth, a tautology for saying, “I am a good person.” The Persians nod their heads vigorously, the woman even says in her deep mannish tenor, “oh, yes, we love black people.”  Which is patently not true, unless the sentence finished in her head and went like this, “Oh, yes, we love black people to pick up our garbage.”  of something to that effect.  

So, Ann Coulter’s doppelganger turns to me as I am sitting in a chair dangling my feet in the water and writing in my notebook for my blog and says, “Do you love black people?”  and I respond, “I don’t love people based on their skin color”.  Which i feel is an intelligent and correct response.  This bitch has the audacity to say to me, “Oh, yeah, you are prejudiced.”